puno ilave community members military soldiers river drowned

Citizens of the Aymara community were the ones who rescued the soldiers who were drowning for trying to cross the Ilave River in compliance with orders from their superiors, said, on La Mula TV, the journalist and correspondent for La República in Puno, Liubomir Fernández. In the program ‘Al Filo’, Fernández, who was at the […]

This year Cult of the Lamb | News block

The rougelike cultist simulator became one of the big indie surprises last year, Massive Monster team won’t leave seven alone this year either, with a big content update it will attract the demonic lamb and his evil minions back to the game . Last year it operated with rougelike and managerial elements Lamb worship turned […]

Additional benefits of booster vaccination may be limited by previous infection

COVID-19 mRNA vaccines are less effective against omicron infections than other variants. A study published in the open access journal “PLOS Medicine” by Margaret L. Lind, of the Yale School of Public Health (United States) and colleagues, suggests that the additional protection offered … COVID-19 mRNA vaccines are less effective against omicron infections than other […]

Beat Saber: singer Lizzo invites herself to the track!

The rapper Lizzo it invites itself Beat Saber and bring no less than 9 titles and a new environment. Award-winning singer and activist for the rights of overweight people and the community LGBTQIA +, LIZZO unveils a music package colorful, songs and rhythmswhich should delight pop and hip-hop fans. In the menu we find the […]

SC Freiburg third jersey kids 22/23

The SC Freiburg third shirt 2022/23 That SC Freiburg third jersey for kids shines in the 2022/23 season in a plain white and shines with individual detail highlights, such as the multiple Griffin embossing on the right front. Other highlights of our SC Freiburg third jersey: On the right front of SC Freiburg 2022/23 third […]

A Montessori program is set up at the elementary school in Wetten.

May 30, 2022 at 6:00 p.m Education in Kevelaer : Wetten gets Montessori classroom – The college in Wetten setting up the Montessori room. Photo: School/Primary School Wetten – – Laws From the coming school year, the primary school there will be supported and challenged with the materials and in the Montessori way. The additional […]

Arestovich named the directions where the Russian troops are preparing for the offensive

Photo: Alexey Arestovich / Facebook Aleksey Arestovich, Advisor to the Head of the President’s Office – – The troops of the Russian Federation are trying to strengthen their positions in the Donbass, for this they are transferring additional forces across the Northern Donets River. The Russian military is preparing for an offensive in several directions. […]