People are being evacuated at the Lviv airport due to a message about mining

Now law enforcement officers are examining the premises of the airport and the surrounding area. The mining report arrived at about 9:25 am. Employees of the Security Service of the international airport “Lviv” named after Daniil Halytsky found a suspicious bag at the airport, which may contain explosives. An investigative and operational group of the […]

China-Iran Etc. Strictly Ban, Exodus Bitcoin Miners to US

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – In several world countries such as China and Iran, local governments have begun to tighten the rules for mining cryptocurrencies, especially Bitcoin. This prohibition is a limitation for crypto asset mining activities, in addition there are issues related to monetary authorities to the waste of energy caused by mining activities. This […]

In Vinnitsa “mined” cryptocurrency on the territory of oblenergo – SBU

Photo: SBU In Vinnitsa, a mining farm that worked for oblenergo was exposed The identified crypto farm turned out to be the largest ever discovered by Ukrainian law enforcement officers. In Vinnitsa, a farm for mining cryptocurrencies was organized directly in one of the former warehouses of the oblenergo. About it informs SBU on Thursday, […]

Bitcoin changes the demands on miners, the mining of cryptocurrency is a gold mine

Mining difficulty has recently dropped by 28 percent, the highest one-time reduction in mining computer requirements in bitcoin’s history. Initial estimates predicted a change of about 20 percent. Another regular adjustment will take place in 11 days and according to the portal’s calculations Coinwarz it appears that the power requirements for bitcoin extraction will fall […]

Mina Muga obtains the mining concession and construction will begin in March 2022

Mina Muga, project to build a potash mine on land in the municipalities of Sangüesa (Navarra) and Undués de Lerda (Aragon), has been approved as a mining concession by the central government and the two autonomous governments involved. A This fundamental procedure comes seven years after Geoalcali (a subsidiary of the Australian company Higfield Resources) […]

Illegal mining farm blocked in Chernihiv region

Фото: Facebook/ Losses in the amount of more than UAH 3 million were incurred The attackers connected to the line, stole electricity and threatened the ambulance station and water utility. In the Chernihiv region, cryptocurrency “miners” illegally connected their equipment to one of the transformer substations. They not only stole electricity, but also threatened the […]

Bitcoin and its mining. How to use energy-intensive mining

The French startup WiseElement is about to launch a boiler with a built-in computer that uses waste heat from cryptocurrency mining to heat domestic water. He can pay well for his pioneering work – the mining boiler wants to sell for about a quarter of a million crowns. But the Czechs went even further, in […]

Bitcoin will be mined on volcanoes in Latin America

In the Republic of El Salvador (Latin America), they are going to mine Bitcoin cryptocurrency using the energy of volcanoes. The mining capacity plan will be developed by the state-owned electricity producer LaGeo. It is reported that LaGeo company extracts electricity from geothermal sources (hot springs, thermal underground waters). Geothermal energy uses heat trapped underground […]