Matthews Asia and Picton Announce Alliance to Position Products in Latin America

Nathalia Morales Arevalo Matthews Asia, a leading investment manager offering investment solutions focused on Asia, and Picton, a leader in third-party product distribution in Latin America, announced an agreement that allows Picton market Matthews Asia products to institutional clients in Latin America. Likewise, the objective is to strategically position the investment and services capabilities of […]

The impact of the closure of the United States-Canada border for more than a year

Since March 21, 2020, passage through the world’s largest land border has been restricted. Since then, transit is only allowed to essential workers in the supply chain and to people who by force majeure require to enter the United States or Canada. This restriction, which has been renewed every month, seems to be far from […]

How to avoid cost overruns and arrears with your bank after purchasing a credit card

The credit card can be a good mechanism to start your credit life, however, financial education continues to register low figures and informality still haunts the Colombian economy, which still has a high use of cash. In fact, although the pandemic accelerated the use of platforms and digital wallets, Fenalco reported a 32% increase in […]

New York State dreams of a new cannabis El Dorado

AFP, published on Monday April 26, 2021 at 19:42 Kaelan Castetter walks the abandoned offices next to his cannabidiol-based products factory. In a few months, the vast 3,000 m2 space will be entirely devoted to the exploitation of cannabis, the recreational use of which has been legal in New York State since last month. “We […]