Banco Pichincha Shifts Focus to Savings Accounts for Growth and Profitability

Banco Pichincha, which traditionally competed in sectors such as educational and vehicle loans, is now focusing on other services such as savings accounts with a 10% return. The lender that is in the midst of a restructuring of services, in order to offset loss levels, bets on figures based on deposits beyond traditional credit. For […]

The Rise of Mercenary Companies: Risking Real Lives for Money

(Seoul=News 1) Reporter Cho Yoon-hyung = There are office workers who risk their ‘real lives’ to work. Mercenaries are those who are hired by private military companies and serve for monetary compensation. The mercenary industry took off in earnest in the late 1980s when the Cold War ended. At that time, the United States and […]

Mytilineos announces major investment in Canada

Mytilineos on Thursday announced it has entered into definitive agreements for the purchase by Mytilineos’ M Renewables of a portfolio of five solar projects located in Alberta, Canada, from Westbridge Renewable Energy Corp, a utility-scale solar photovoltaics development company, with an anticipated aggregate capacity of 1.4 gigawatts upon commercial operation. The transaction, worth 1.16 billion […]

“Blizzard’s Collaboration Marketing for Diablo 4: Webtoons, Burgers, and Fashion”

Blizzard announced various collaboration marketing in line with the official release of ‘Diablo 4’ on the 6th of next month. From the first webtoon collaboration with popular writer Cho Seok, to popular brands such as Burger King and fashion brand Exlim, Diablo 4 intellectual property (IP) is grafted. It is also planning to introduce exclusive […]

“The Green Deal under Fire: Impact on EU Politics and Economics Explained”

National political leaders are beginning to realize the impact of the Green Deal on voters. And while Germany, for example, is alarmed by the influx of Chinese electric cars, France faces a further deterioration in its overall debt rating. The Green Deal is under fire, Bloomberg reports today. To the displeasure of green, non-profit organizations […]