“We won” the Czech Express Treasury issued “savings bonds” special edition.

The Treasury issued two special versions of “Savings Bonds” “We Won”, along with “Wallets Sorboroms.” Mrs. Patricia Mongkhonwanich, director of the Public Debt Management Office (MPO), revealed that The Ministry of Finance will be issued.Special edition savings bonds 2 models is the model “We won” And generation “Wallets SBU.” The details will be announced on […]

Aitken hopes to popularize F1 in South Korea

Can Jack Aitken’s nascent career spark genuine interest in Formula 1 in South Korea? It is at the 2020 Sakhir Grand Prix that Jack Aitken became the first Korean driver to race in Formula 1, although this London-born Scotsman races under a British license. It was a major event in this field for a country […]

It’s the resumption at the Center for dog training and agility of Brest – Brest

Since this Saturday, January 23, the ground of n ° 2155 of the road of Sainte-Anne-du-Portzic, site of the Center for dog education and agility (CECA) of Brest, welcomes once again the license holders and their dogs for training in the various activities offered by the club, in compliance with barrier gestures and a specific […]

These entrepreneurs show what their lockdown expenses and income are

New support package for entrepreneurs The cabinet met last Thursday an extension of support to businesses, worth a total of € 7.6 billion: More companies can receive a Compensation for Fixed Expenses (TVL) and the maximum compensation for fixed expenses increases from 70 to 85 percent Companies that started after the start of the corona […]

Protocol for hospital care: Worried about competing with the younger ones

In the health system, we are told about a protocol for hospital care related to COVID-19. Using the right words, I decode that a choice will be made between patients to whom adequate treatment will be applied and those who will receive the best possible supportive care. I would like to know the content of […]

The price of the dollar today, Sunday 24-1-2021 against the Egyptian pound

The price of the US dollar stabilized today, Sunday 24-1-2021, against the Egyptian pound, compared to the close of Thursday’s trading, and was recorded in the National Bank of Egypt at 15.66 pounds for purchase, and 15.76 pounds for sale, and in the Central Bank of Egypt, its price was also fixed at 15.67 pounds […]

Tom Brady looking for his 10th superbowl, now with the Buccaneers

The New England Patriots have been left out of the playoffs after eleven consecutive seasons entering the title race, while The Tampa Bay Buccaneers play this Sunday against the Packers (9:00 pm, Movistar Deportes) the fourth conference final in their history. The reason for the Boston franchise debacle and Florida’s big moment has only one […]

Apple Watch helped Texas police find kidnapped girl

Yesterday, the 9to5Mac portal, citing Fox San Antonio, spoke about a situation in which Apple Watch helped a woman escape from a kidnapper. Smart watches have been transmitting location information to law enforcement agencies all this time. The woman was reportedly abducted in Selma, Texas. This moment was noticed by her daughter, she even managed […]

Government increases value of good payer bond | News

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