we answer your questions about your future vacation!

Posted on Friday, June 18, 2021 at 6:30 a.m. Through Sa.B Every day, new questions but also new answers! While no specific clarification had been made at the end of the Consultation Committee of June 4 regarding the return of Belgian residents from a country outside Europe this summer, we are now confirmed that the […]

Girondins buyout: response on Friday? – Girondins

The Team unveils the deadline set by the ad hoc representative to move forward on the buyout of the Girondins de Bordeaux. “The Rotshchild bank has left the possibility to the candidates still in the running to refine their offer until Thursday 2 pm. After that, it will be too late,” written The team. Thus, […]

Radev for the heads of services: Their loyalty is to Borissov, not to Bulgaria

“I don’t work. More precisely, they don’t work with me – for many things. I’m not talking about the SANS employees, but about the bosses.” This was stated by President Rumen Raden in Pirdop in response to a journalist’s question whether he expects there to be castlings of heads of services. By law, the same […]

How long will the vaccines protect us – 6 months, a year or a lifetime?

No one can commit to a clear answer because less than 1 year has passed since the first vaccinated The coronavirus could turn out to be the flu, which requires vaccination every year, as circulating strains mutate quickly and immunity to the vaccine can fade too quickly, CNN reported. These are the main concerns of […]

Threats to Alejandro Riaño: the comedian responded on Instagram – People – Culture

In the evening hours of this Sunday, March 14, the comedian Alejandro Riaño reported threats against him and his family. The outrageous comments were directed specifically at her newborn twins. (You may be interested: Comedian Alejandro Riaño denounces threats against his family). Riaño, who is known for the political satire he does with his character […]

Is it possible to challenge localized containment? Ouest-France answers you

While the health situation has deteriorated considerably in the Alpes-Maritimes, several measures were announced by Bernard Gonzales, the prefect of the department, on Monday. Among them, a weekend confinement has been decided for the coastal urban area of ​​the department. “Confinement in the Alpes-Maritimes on weekends in addition to a curfew during the week, does […]

How to strengthen the city function Shanghai gives such an answer_ 东方 Fortune.com

Original title: How to strengthen the function of the city, Shanghai gives such an answer The “function” of a city is an important criterion for measuring its competitiveness and influence. As a super-large central city, Shanghai clearly stated in this year’s government work report that one of the main tasks in 2021 is to focus […]