NYPD – Telemundo New York (47)

NEW YORK – A 30-year-old woman died after being shot in Brooklyn during what law enforcement sources say was a dispute between teenagers. A senior NYPD official familiar with the investigation said the victim was standing at the corner of Belmont and Georgia Avenue before 9 p.m. Tuesday when he was shot once in the […]

The United States becomes number one in bitcoin mining

US bitcoin miners, which enable transaction validation and the creation of cryptocurrency, are now the top producers in the world, while activity has completely disappeared in China, according to a study published Wednesday. «The new data, which runs until the end of August, shows that the United States concentrates 35.4% (of activity, editor’s note), against […]

Reinvention after covid challenges of the insurance sector – El Nacional

Bávaro.- The survival and contributions of the insurance sector to the Dominican economy and other Central American nations go through challenges that include reinvention in the face of the impact of covid-19, cyber crime, catastrophes caused by climate change and new technology, insurers and reinsurers assured meeting at an international congress. The challenges are faced […]

Stocks New York Conclusion: Banking and Tech Stocks Drive Recovery | 05.10.21

NEW YORK (awp international) – On Tuesday, the US stock exchanges largely made up for their significant previous day’s losses. The recovery was supported by better-than-expected sentiment data from the service industry. However, market observers see no sign of a pronounced further catch-up race in the rising prices. The recovery was largely driven by the […]

New York equities: Little change before the start of the reporting season | 10/12/21

NEW YORK (awp international) – Investors on Wall Street have been on hold after the losses earlier this week. The main stock indices barely moved on Tuesday. Investors are already eagerly awaiting the start of the companies’ reporting season. In the coming days, big banks in particular will report on the past quarter. The Dow […]

Stocks New York Outlook: Dow and Nasdaq expected weak | 04.10.21

NEW YORK (awp international) – After the recovery attempt last Friday, the US stock exchanges are likely to go back into reverse at the beginning of the week. Broker IG valued the Dow Jones Industrial a good hour before the start of trading 0.32 percent lower to 34 217 points. For the technology-heavy Nasdaq 100, […]

New York Stocks: Hardly Changed – Labor Market Report Puzzles | 10/08/21

NEW YORK (dpa-AFX) – The eagerly anticipated job data from the United States did not provide Wall Street with any significant trend-setting impulses on Friday. “This labor market report will give central bankers a headache,” commented portfolio manager Thomas Altmann from asset manager QC Partners. “An unemployment rate at an annual low and newly created […]