Australian women spent five months in prison for buying tea

Photo: The police thought there were illegal substances in the tea The women ordered a batch of tea, but the border guards thought it contained drugs. In Australia, two women, Connie Chong and Melanie Lim from Greenacre, NSW, spent five months behind bars after ordering a shipment of ginger tea from China. Writes about […]

14 Students Arrested by BNN during a raid on USU’s FCS Campus to be suspended

Jakarta – University of Northern Sumatra (BELIEVE) took firm steps against the 14 active students who were arrested BNN during a drug raid on the FIB Campus. USU will suspend the students involved for 6 months. “Students who are active (14 people) and declared as users will be rehabilitated. After students undergo rehabilitation, the students […]

Polyakov took methadone on his own – Valery Kur

Photo: Anton Polyakov died on Friday night, October 8 The likelihood that someone injected methadone secretly from him or without his permission is very small, the expert noted. Former head of the criminal intelligence department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, Valeriy Kur, believes that MP Anton Polyakov took methadone found in […]

Half a ton of cocaine worth $ 136 million was seized in Dubai

Photo: The drugs were well hidden in the structure of the shipping container Police seized half a ton of pure cocaine and arrested one person of Middle Eastern descent. In Dubai, during a police raid, law enforcement officers found and seized 500 kilograms of pure cocaine. Its cost was estimated at more than $ […]

The Ministry of Internal Affairs said that Polyakov’s blood contained methadone

Photo: There are new data on the death of Anton Polyakov Forensic experts found methadone in the blood of the deceased people’s deputy. How he got into the body the politician will determine the consequence. The police confirmed that there was a small dose of alcohol and methadone in the blood of the deceased […]

Drug Transactions Revealed Rp 120 Trillion Makes Criminal Investigation Move

Jakarta – Information on drug transactions reaching Rp 120 trillion was revealed. The Police Criminal Investigation Unit is now moving. The head of the Financial Transaction Reports and Analysis Center (PPAT) Dian Ediana Rae conveyed the information regarding the Rp 120 trillion drug transaction in a meeting with Commission III of the DPR, last Wednesday […]

Justin Bieber started selling marijuana

Фото: Getty Images Justin Bieber The artist will partner with Palms to sell cannabis rolls called Peaches. Popular singer Justin Bieber has partnered with California-based company Palms, which specializes in ready-to-drink marijuana. This was reported on October 4 by the agency Bloomberg. It is noted that the 27-year-old singer will partner with the company to […]