Bank of America prudence is at odds with the times | Opinion

Bank of America’s quarterly results show a more cautious entity than its great rival, JP Morgan, and thus extracting less profit for shareholders. Look at the credit cards: BofA’s $ 76 billion average balances are half that of JP Morgan. It’s one of the reasons why Moynihan gets a 3.3% return on loans, down from […]

What items can a child buy on the Internet and which ones not | Legal

85 percent of 10-year-olds have a smartphone. Of these, 75% have Internet access, according to a recent study by the Public University of Navarra. Navigating virtual stores such as Amazon or Wallapop is relatively easy for a minor. But are they legally able to buy online? Although it is their natural habitat, the reality is […]

New York, capital of the world | Blog Paco Nadal

This is a city that we know very well thanks to the magic of cinema, television and music. Although this, sometimes, more than a help is a problem because you are in danger of living in a already seen I continue and don’t stop repeating yourself … “This sounds familiar to me or I’ve already […]