Brussels supports Lithuania in the diplomatic dispute with China

Brussels has backed Lithuania in its standoff with China over Taiwan after Beijing reacted angrily to the Baltic country’s support for Taipei. The support came from EU foreign policy chief Josep Borrell following a meeting of Union foreign ministers in Brest, France. Borrell said there was “clear solidarity” with Lithuania in the dispute. “Some things […]

Chinese consumers boycott KFC for wasting food

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Consumer Association China (CCA) protested KFC’s latest campaign that fueled food wastage in China. The campaign is considered to be aggravating concerns over the domestic food supply. Launching from CNN Business, Friday (14/1), consumers took issue with the company’s new promotion that allows customers to receive a random selection of free […]

Turns out the ‘Mystery House’ on the Moon is a Rabbit Shaped Rock – All Pages—Month Later, the explorer Yutu-2 found a mysterious cube object that looked like a house, and it was decided to approach in order to solve what it was. Last Friday (07/01/2022) National Space Agency China (China National Space Administration/CNSA) lewat description on Ourspace, has managed to unravel the riddle of the “mystery house”. Apparently, based […]

Robot debuts as a host on China’s news

One robot debut as Chinese news anchor; his appearance is almost human. The artificial intelligence it is getting closer to us; proof of this is the new robot that leads the news on television. This bot is the first virtual presenter, and is able to deceive everyone with his human appearance. A robot presents the […]

Fertilizers became more expensive when Lithuania considered sanctions: Lukashenko’s regime could have earned how much as a result | Business

The agreement between the Lithuanian Railways and Belaruskalij, a producer of potassium fertilizers in Belarus, is not in the interests of Lithuania’s national security and is therefore no longer valid from 1 February, the government decided on Wednesday. It is true that the Minister of Transport and Communications Marius Skuodis said on Wednesday that the […]

Sudden Lockdown, This Woman Is Stuck In Her Blind Date Friend’s Apartment

loading… Viral video of a woman trapped in the apartment of her blind date because the Chinese government suddenly imposed a lockdown. Photo/CNN BEIJING – A date should make a deep impression on anyone. But that doesn’t apply to the original woman China this is because the dating event fell apart after the country’s government […]