Brazil’s vaccination drama | World | DW

It is an oppressive scenario in the middle of the corona pandemic: The director of one of the most prestigious Brazilian public research institutes pleads with the Brazilian government: “We have an excellent vaccine, a vaccine waiting to be used! Why don’t we use it ? “ Coronavac is the name of the vaccine that […]

Trump throws away nine other Chinese companies’ blacklist before termination

January 15, 2021 56 “Donald Trump” announced sanctions against nine other Chinese companies. “China National Oil Company – Xiao Mi” after the news broke out on the stock market this morning. Xiaomi’s shares fell 8%. Management ofPresident Donald Trump ofUnited States Has performedBoycottOfficer andChinese companyAnother nine on Thursday (14 Jan) claimed wrongdoing in the South […]

Early self-study in the financial market: 32 trillion!China’s import and export of goods hit a record high; southward capital flows into fund institutions to keep an eye on Hong Kong stocks; “blue chip bubble theory” attracts hot discussion_大商所

Original title: Early study in financial markets: 32 trillion!China’s import and export of goods trade hits a record high; southward capital flows into fund institutions closely watching Hong Kong stocks; “blue chip stock bubble theory” is hotly debated Macro news [Thecentralbank’scapitalinvestmentisexpectedtobeacombinationof”spicypowder”FirstthefundswillbeloosebeforetheholidayThereisnosuspenseOnJanuary15thefirstbowlof”spicypowder”(MLFmedium-termloanfacility)willbelaunchedin2021asusualtableComparedwiththesubtlesignalsreleasedbytherecenthigh-frequencyandlow-volumereverserepurchaseoperationsthemarketislookingforwardtofurtherinformationaboutthecentralbank’sliquiditycontrolstrategybeforetheSpringFestivalfromthisMLFoperation(ChinaSecuritiesJournal) [32 trillion! China’s import and export of goods hit a record high]On January 14, […]

Smart roads, not just cars .. This country’s plan for safe driving!

Along a four-kilometer (2.5-mile) road in Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province, the autonomous bus travels back and forth, stops, overrides previous obstacles, accelerating and decelerating, based on the information it constantly receives from its surroundings, by integrating sensors, cameras, and radars that speak to the vehicle, And on the road, traffic lights, street signs and other […]

China finds first COVID death in nine months after outbreak in eight provinces

January 14, 2021 65 “China” saw the first COVID-19 deaths in nine months after the outbreak in eight provinces, with 124 new cases in the country, the highest level since March 20. China Report of deaths from diseaseCOVID-19 The first in 9 months, while the new outbreak spread to different regions. In more and more […]

WHO convenes emergency committee | Current world | DW

Given the rapid spread of much more contagious variants of the coronavirus, the World Health Organization (WHO) emergency committee is bringing its next meeting forward by two weeks. The panel will meet this Thursday to discuss the current development, the WHO announced in Geneva. Two mutations of the virus have been discovered in Great Britain […]

WHO successfully entered China Finding the source of COVID-Post Today around the world

WHO successfully entered China Finding the source of COVID January 14, 2021 time 14:00 The World Health Organization team reached Wuhan. Prepare to investigate the source of COVID after 14 days of quarantine BBCThe World Health Organization (WHO) team reportedly arrived in Wuhan, China. To begin investigating the origin of the coronavirus outbreak After several […]