Why Can China’s Population Drop Drastically? Page all

BEIJING, KOMPAS.com – China has recorded its first population decline in decades, which some experts call a sea change. Latest, quoted from NPRaccording to data published Tuesday by China’s National Bureau of Statistics, Chinese population mainland is 1.411 billion people at the end of 2022, down 850,000 compared to the previous year. Stuart Gietel-Basten, a […]

Chinese Citizens Celebrate Chinese New Year in Saudi Arabia: ‘Like in China’

Riyadh – The Chinese community held celebrations ahead of the Chinese New Year in the capital Arab Saudi, Riyadh on Saturday (14/1) last weekend. They feel like they’re in China. They were also happy because the celebrations at Boulevard World in Riyadh were similar to those in China. “I feel like I’m in China. I’m […]

China Brands US Bandit and Syrian Oil Thief

Jakarta, CNNIndonesia — China label United States of America thieves because they are considered to steal oil Syria after reports surfaced that dozens of Washington tanks were transporting oil and being sent to US bases in Iraq. Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin said Washington’s military had been occupying and plundering Syria’s natural resources for […]

China plans to launch more than 200 spacecraft in 2023

BEIJING, Jan. 19 (Xinhua) — A report released by the China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation last Wednesday showed that the company plans to launch more than 200 spacecraft with more than 60 space missions in 2023. The report revealed plans for the country’s space science and technology activities in 2023, saying that the Tianzhou-6 […]

ASML, from Veldhoven to the White House

ANP NOS News•yesterday, 14:24•Amended today, 14:58 Prime Minister Rutte was visiting President Biden in the White House. The chip industry was one of the sensitive themes discussed there, in particular the machines of ASML from Veldhoven. The company is at the center of a technology race between the US and China. What are they making […]

Hong Kong has only 46,000 inbound passengers after more than a week of customs clearance | China, Hong Kong and Macau | Quarantine free | High-speed rail

[The Epoch Times, January 18, 2023](Reported by Epoch Times reporters Chen Kai and Ye Zeyu from Hong Kong)China, Hong Kong and Macauimplementimmunity from quarantineClearanceFor more than a week, the number of people entering Macau has left Hong Kong by a large margin. According to data from the Macau Tourism Bureau, more than 55,000 inbound tourists […]

Viral Couples who look like children & fathers, the actual age surprises them

Jakarta – Love knows no age or appearance. However, if the couple’s appearance is very different, it will usually be the talk of the people around them, like this one pair. Reporting from eva.vn, a couple living in Shaanxi province, China has recently been stealing attention and causing controversy because of their appearance that looks […]

Marvel films welcome again in Chinese cinemas after just four years

AFP NOS News•today, 03:36 China is going to screen Marvel’s popular superhero films in cinemas for the first time in just under four years. Starting next month, the latest movies from both Black Panther if Ant-Man to see in the country. Marvel itself announced the news on the Chinese Twitter variant Weibo. The newest Black […]