Hundred Dolphins Died After Mass Beaching in New Zealand | NOW

About a hundred pilot whales and bottlenose dolphins have died after a mass beaching in the Chatham Islands, a remote area on the east coast of New Zealand. Assistance to the animals was hampered by a power outage and the location being difficult to reach. Most of the dolphins washed up last weekend. Authorities were […]

UK relaxes corona rules: three households can celebrate Christmas | NOW

Residents of the United Kingdom will be allowed to congregate with a total of three households from 23 to 27 December for Christmas, the authorities report Tuesday. It is emphasized that these meetings should only take place in people’s homes, in places of worship or outside. England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland have jointly decided […]

Pope: Opponents of masks are trapped in their own little world | NOW

In a new book, Pope Francis has ridiculed those who demonstrate against corona measures. “It is impossible for them to leave their small world with interests of their own,” he quoted The Guardian Monday evening. In the book Let Us Dream: The Path to a Better Future talks between the Pope and his biographer Austen […]

Actors with disabilities feel iconic in the exhibition on the main stage of Sigulda

Actors with disabilities in the exhibition on the main stage of Sigulda +9 See more Diva, Policeman, Rebel, Queen … Each image speaks with its own, saturated message. Culture creates the icons that we, the members of society, dream about and build relationships with. Icons tell of the eternal struggle of human existence between hope […]

The “Iki” sales network also joins the boycott of “Adugs” products

According to the trading company, the Adugs products purchased so far will be sold, but no new orders are planned until the opinion of the Latvian law enforcement authorities is received. “This is not the first time that we have been forced to make such a decision in principle and suspend the partnership, but until […]

Biathletes Baiba Bendika and Ilmārs Bricis do not go to the first stage of the World Cup after getting Covid-19

On Sunday, the Lithuanian portal “” reported that the country’s leading biathlete Toms Kauken has been infected with Covid-19. Kaukēns trained with Latvia’s leading biathlete Baiba Bendika. The portal reported that both Bendika and coach Ilmārs Bricis had been diagnosed with the virus, but on Monday, Bendika also confirmed this information to the portal “”. […]

Hong Kong activist Joshua Wong pleads guilty: ‘cell won’t stop activism’ | NOW

Hong Kong pro-democratic activist Joshua Wong said in court on Monday that he was guilty of organizing and participating in a banned protest last year. Wong can be sentenced to five years in prison. “Neither prison walls, nor election cancellation, nor arbitrary laws can stop our activism,” Wong said ahead of his trial against reporters. […]