How Breast Cancer Eliminates Desire (And Is Barely Explained)

BarcelonaWhen Rebecca Stewart began chemotherapy to fight breast cancer, she did not know that her sexual desire would almost disappear after three months, that she would be unable to lubricate, or that her vagina would contract to the point of not being able to enjoy penetrative sex. “It was as if my body had closed […]

why the most sought-after vaccine in the US today is not approved in Argentina

The possibility of the United States preventing From November the income of people vaccinated with Sputnik V It accelerated the concern of a part of the Argentines who took out a plane ticket to fly to that country in the remaining period and access the simplest safe-conduct: a dose of Johnson & Johnson as an […]

Superlega, UEFA cancels the proceedings against Barcelona, ​​Juve and Real

According to Nyon, this is a due but temporary act after the Madrid court order. And he plans to reopen the proceedings The disciplinary proceedings against Real Madrid, Barcelona and Juventus have been canceled (for the moment) by UEFA. It is the new chapter in the dramatic battle that splits football and since April has […]

Covid-19 Vaccination Not Related to Brain Bleeding Stroke – The Director of the National Brain Center Hospital, Mursyid Bustami, emphasized that the Covid-19 vaccination was not related to the incidence of cerebral hemorrhage stroke. The side effects of vaccination are only mild. Such as fever, pain, drowsiness to hunger. The mild side effects of the Covid-19 vaccination don’t last long. A maximum […]

China has no room for maneuver against the US and Australia

“We must not allow external forces to interfere in our regionThe Chinese president’s reply, Xi Jinping, to the recent signing between the US, the United Kingdom and Australia of the military pact AUKUS -the latest move by Washington to confront Beijing’s expansionist policy in the Indo-Pacific- heralded far-reaching repercussions throughout the region. His words after […]