Inclusive language? New York school asks students to avoid words like ‘mom’ or ‘dad’ – El Financiero

A New York private school issued a guide which suggests they should avoid words like “mom and dad” and “boys and girls”. It seeks to create a “inclusive” environment and anti-racist that makes all its students and workers feel like part of the community through language.

In a guide distributed to the parents of the Grace Church School, in Manhattan, asked his community to replace the use of “mom and dad” with “adults, people or family” or to use “people” instead of “boys and girls,” according to information from NBC.

“While we acknowledge hate speech promoting racism, misogyny, homophobia and other forms of discrimination are already addressed in our school manuals. We also recognize that we can do more than ban hate speech; we can use language to create welcoming spaces and inclusive , “the guide reads.

It also states that it is important not to make assumptions about who students live with and who their caregivers may be. Likewise, instead of saying “wife or husband” or “boyfriend or girlfriend” it is recommended to use the words “partner” or “special person” as an alternative, since family nuclei can be composed differently.

George Davison, the school’s principal, commented to NBC via email a few days ago, that the guide was published in September 2020. He pointed out that they are not banning certain words or phrases, but want to avoid assumptions being made.

“We have been trying to help families find the right words for years and this was designed as an aid to that process,” commented the mentor. He added that the spirit of the guide is “to give us all the words to use that bring people together.”

“This kind of inclusive language helps students with different family structures feel included, whether they have two mothers, a single father, or other primary caregivers,” said Mary Emily O’Hara, Rapid Response manager at GLAAD, a group LGBTQ advocacy. “And saying ‘people’ instead of ‘boys and girls’ also helps to eliminate unnecessary divisions based on gender.”

Questions and perceived outrage at the language guide circulated on Twitter, with Sean Hannity of Fox News tweeting: “Grace Church School in New York is asking students to use ‘inclusive language’ and avoid words like ‘mom’ or “dad”. What ?! “

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‘Música, València!’ Arrives, the “largest compilation so far” of music lists in Valencian

In the first case, there are a total of 24 lists of the most diverse musical genres, such as urban music (indie, reggaeton, trap, electronic or rap), more traditional genres (folk, cançó d’arrel or songwriting) or the most rock and pop subgenres, as well as other African-American genres such as jazz, soul, rock-and-roll, ska, reggae, and Latin rhythms.

On the other hand, the lists by moments, which were born at the beginning of the confinement, have seven compilations that connect the songs with different moments of the day: to wake up, raise the spirits, cook, play sports, relax and find calm, celebrate and dance and sing.

The themes group four lists: 8M (feminist themed), Valencian Pride (LGTBI theme), Christmas carols and nursery rhymes.

The project ‘Music, València!’ It is completed with a compilation of news that will be updated periodically in order to keep the lists up to date, with the incorporation of new songs, the council has indicated in a statement.

The Councilor for Resource Management, Luisa Notario, highlighted that there are 36 lists that “demonstrate the vitality of the music sung in Valencian.” “We want to bring these songs to all the residents of the city, whether they already know them or have yet to discover such a wonderful world,” he said.


This project, initially conceived on Spotify, is also available open on YouTube. In fact, the lists have been exported to the video channel to reach a “more diverse” audience. In addition, on YouTube you can enjoy a playlist with more than a hundred songs in karaoke version of groups and singers such as La Fúmiga, Samantha, Txarango or Manel.

The Cabinet’s profile on Spotify, with more than a thousand followers, has become a “reference for the public and the groups and singers themselves”, who have an exhibitor at their disposal to spread their creations.

In addition, the Cabinet of Linguistic Normalization will begin to disseminate “soon” the lists in different public spaces of the city. For this purpose, it is planned that they will be signaled through QR codes in parks, gardens, beaches, bus stops, libraries or municipal buildings.

The Cabinet will offer these resources to a wide variety of private establishments, such as bars and cafes, shops with piped music or sports centers.