Media learned about new problems in Dreamliner aircraft

Photo: Boeing faces new defect in 787 Dreamliner aircraft Some titanium parts of Boeing 787 aircraft were weaker than they should be, journalists found out. Specialists from the American aircraft manufacturer Boeing have identified new defects in the 787 Dreamliner line. About this on Thursday, October 14, reported Wall Street Journal. According to the […]

Doctors removed a kilogram of nails from a man’s stomach

Фото: Getty Images Surgeons in Lithuania remove nails from patient’s stomach Within a month after giving up alcohol, the man swallowed metal objects. Some of the items recovered during the operation were up to 10 cm long. In Lithuania, at the Klaipeda University Hospital, doctors removed more than a kilogram of nails, screws, nuts and […]

Zelensky hinted at rotation in the Cabinet

Resignations are coming in the government The President believes that some officials “start talking a lot when there is nothing to show.” President Volodymyr Zelenskyy announced the upcoming resignations in the Cabinet of Ministers. In an interview with Inter TV channel to a journalist’s question “Is there already a so-called list” to leave “from the […]

The new class in action | NBA

The NBA is one of the best leagues in the world not only because of what happens in the regular season and in the playoffs, but because everything that surrounds the off-season is also extremely interesting. After the draft and the start of free agency, prior to the start of the season, all 30 franchises […]

SpaceX has assembled the largest Starship rocket

Photo: NASA Rocket launch date unknown The total length of the rocket is 120 meters. The company has been working on its brainchild for several years, and during this time it has tested several prototypes. The American company SpaceX has assembled the largest rocket in history, Starship. The total length of the rocket is 120 […]

In the United States, two tornadoes destroyed houses to pieces

Photo: frame from video Tornadoes destroyed dozens of homes in the United States The roofs of dozens of houses were torn off, and only chips remained from some of the houses. Cars were overturned. In the United States, two powerful tornadoes swept through Pennsylvania, destroying dozens of homes. This is stated in the TSN plot. […]

Taliban cut off power to capital of Afghanistan –

Kabul was left without electricity Several provinces, including Kabul, have been de-energized as a result of the blowing up of power transmission towers. The radical Taliban disrupted power transmission pylons in Baghlan province, leaving Kabul and surrounding provinces de-energized. This was announced on Tuesday, July 27, by the Afghan national energy company Breshna. “The supply […]