Solomon Passy: Russia will invade Ukraine, but when and how is unknown

Dr. Solomon Passy “Russia will invade Ukraine, what is not known is when, how much and how it will invade. How the Russians treated us. We had an extremely good dialogue with Russia. We told Russia that we were joining NATO, we said that we are building American military bases. We are building American bases […]

The attack on the synagogue in Texas “unites” the jihadists and the extreme right

The Texas synagogue attacker was a member of Al Qaeda, according to what was published in the gang’s magazine, “Lobos de Manhattan”, which moves in the environment of the jihadist gang. On the other hand, the attack has had the “virtue” of uniting the jihadists with the North American right-wing extremists in their antisemitic targets. […]

A bomb has struck the Russian consulate in Ukraine

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova. An incendiary bomb was thrown at the Russian consulate in Ukraine, described as an “act of terrorism.” Russia’s foreign ministry said today that someone had thrown an incendiary bomb at the Russian consulate in the Ukrainian city of Lviv and that it had officially protested the attack, which it […]

New York: Christmas tree burns in front of Fox News headquarters

Panorama New York Christmas tree burns outside Fox News headquarters – suspect arrested Published on December 9th, 2021 The police are standing in front of the Fox News headquarters on Wednesday, in the background the burned-out tree is being dismantled Source: AP / Richard Drew At this point you will find content from Podigee In […]

A Berlin court has accused Moscow of state terrorism and expels Germany

A Berlin court on Wednesday sent a 56-year-old Russian citizen, Vadim Krasikov, to life in prison for the murder of a Chechen with Georgian citizenship in 2019 at Kleiner Tiergarten Park in the center of the German capital. In addition, the court concluded that the Russian had been convicted of illegal possession of weapons. Germany’s […]

Boycott the Olympics stronger. Australia has also joined

Following the example of the United States, Australia will not send any government officials to the Winter Olympics in Beijing. Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison announced on Wednesday a boycott of the sports holiday, which will take place from February 4 to 20, 2022. However, the reason for the boycott, which does not prevent the […]

Compulsory vaccination in all companies – New York issues radical corona rule

business “Preventive attack” Compulsory vaccination in all companies – New York issues radical corona rule Stand: 00:57 | Reading time: 3 minutes Every Wall Street bank, law firm, corner store must require proof of receipt of at least one dose by December 27th Quelle: Getty Images/Image Source/Astrakan Images At this point you will find content […]

Suspicion of terrorism: Federal Public Prosecutor arrests Libyans in Dresden

Political Arrest in Dresden Libyans are said to have spied for terrorist organizations in Germany Status: 2:18 p.m. | Reading time: 2 minutes On Friday, the suspected Libyan is to be brought to Karlsruhe by helicopter and brought before the judge at the Federal Court of Justice Source: dpa-infocom GmbH At this point you will […]

Michigan: 15-year-old announced the shooting of classmates in the video

Gunshots are fired again at a school in the United States. Youngsters die again. The sheriff speaks of a cold-blooded act. The alleged perpetrator, himself only 15, should be treated legally. The alleged gunman at Oxford High School in the US state of Michigan recorded a video of his murder plans the night before the […]