The European Commission called the reason for high gas prices

Фото: Getty Images Gas prices are inflated as a result of geopolitical tensions There are not enough gas storage facilities in the European Union, said the EC member for energy. Member of the European Commission for Energy Kadri Simson called geopolitical tensions one of the reasons for high gas prices, informs Interfax. According to her, […]

Why just Open Vld is blocking major intervention on the energy bill

On Friday, the government failed to effectively decide anything about compensation for the sky-high energy bill. The matter is being pushed forward again, mainly due to the actions of Open Vld. — © BELGIAN BRUSSELS – All proposals are on the table to bring down the energy bill. And yet the government failed to make […]

What are the most recommended foods for breastfeeding mothers?

NewsBulukumba – As a mother who is breastfeeding her baby, you should pay attention to the type of food to be consumed. Because not a little food which can be dangerous health and destroy nerve as well as organs breastfeeding mothers and Poppet if consumed in excess. For example fish which contains a lot mercury, […]

Zelensky said he was discussing with Duda

Photo: Office of the President Zelensky and Duda are negotiating The heads of state are discussing security challenges, removing obstacles in the transport sector, and strengthening energy cooperation. President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky during negotiations with a Polish colleague Andrzej Duda on Thursday, January 20, discussed issues in the field of security, transport and energy […]

Energy supplier Eneco extends price guarantee for 13,000 customers after all

©  ISOPIX Eneco, the third largest energy supplier in the country, will extend the price guarantee for a group of 13,000 customers. The company announced this on Thursday. mtmSource: BELGIAN Today at 09:05 In December, Eneco wrote to a group of customers – a total of 18,000 connections or 13,000 customers – who had a […]

Germany wants Ukrainian hydrogen. Purpose of visit Burbock

In Kiev and Moscow, the head of the German Foreign Ministry negotiated not only about war and peace. What the analysis of statements on the topic of energy showed. The central theme of the first visits of the new German Foreign Minister Annalena Berbock to Kiev and Moscow were issues of war and peace. Everyone’s […]

Up to 660 euros discount on energy bill due to VAT reduction

© MARC HERREMANS – MEDIA HOUSE The liberals are also dissolving their opposition to a VAT reduction on energy. If the government reduces the VAT on gas and electricity from 21 to 6 percent, the average family will see the annual bill decrease by about 508 to 664 euros. Although there is also an option […]