Aggressive fish seen in Florida Bay. Experts are worried about what could happen

The strange fish (channa aurolineata) was accidentally found by naturalists at the University of Florida. Snakehead fish originated in Asia and Africa. Researchers believe that they came to America when people dumped the contents of their aquariums into the rivers, as well as because of the fish trade. The large-mouthed fish are predators that can […]

Tragic! Woman Dies After Being Thrown from a Wheel Chair When Going to Board a Plane

Florida – A woman in United States of America (US) died last week, or almost a year after the incident was thrown from a wheelchair while trying to board a plane through garbarata at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport, FLbetween. The woman’s family blamed the airline Southwest Airlines over the incident. As reported The Independent, Wednesday […]

A Bulgarian man shot in the head is running for city council…

Bulgarian is a candidate for city councilor in Tampa, Florida. Georgi Feshev decided to run for office after he was shot in the head, and the perpetrator has not yet been caught. Since then, the nickname “The Persecuted” has remained with him, with which he is even recorded in the ballot. He will compete for […]

Hamburg Airport: Family waits 39 days – Lufthansa argues with luggage company

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They rescue a young man who was dragged by the sea – NBC Utah

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Tears are the smallest ocean that humans can make|Lattice vocus

There was once Donald Gould, a homeless man in Florida, who couldn’t eat three meals a day. On rainy days, you can only temporarily shelter from the rain under the eaves of the store. He looks very downcast, and he hasn’t shaved his beard for a long time. No one cares whether such a person […]

What’s next for football star Tom Brady?

The best quarterback in NFL history fails early with Tampa Bay. again. The farewell to the Buccaneers is likely. Possibly a career end. In the end, Tom Brady at least waved briefly. He had removed his helmet and was now wearing a hat. He also dropped them for a short time and greeted the fans. […]

Florida School District Considers Allowing Some Employees to Carry Guns – NBC Miami (51)

The Palm Beach school district in South Florida is considering allowing specific school employees to carry weapons on campus under a program named after one of the Parkland school shooting victims, Marjorie Stoneman Douglas. The Palm Beach school district is considering allowing some employees to qualify to carry weapons through the “Coach Aaron Feis” state […]

Bolsonaro, “calm” in Florida while his party speaks of a “sad day” for Brazil

the opponent liberal party (PL), of former President Jair Bolsonaro, condemned this Sunday “vehemently” the “predation” of the National Congress, after the invasion of the seats of the three powers by the Bolsonarist radicals. “We vehemently condemn this kind of attitude. And that the law is respected by strengthening our democracy,” the president of the […]