Entrepreneur Andrew Yang running for mayor of New York

At 46, this son of Taiwanese immigrants, a lawyer by training who became a tech entrepreneur, is one of the serious candidates for this election. Democratic entrepreneur Andrew Yang, who marked the US presidential campaign with his proposal to pay $ 1,000 to each American unconditionally, announced his candidacy for mayor of New York on […]

Florida rejects rumors of arrival of tourists to receive COVID vaccine

Florida was one of the first states to allow the general public 65 and older to be vaccinated against the coronavirus, leading to rumors that tourists and day trippers were arriving only to receive the injection. State authorities have been quick to reject those versions. Gov. Ron DeSantis said stories about people flying to Florida, […]

Brexit: DB Schenker stops accepting shipments for UK – customs (general, not customs software), international, road freight transport | News | TRANSPORT

DB Schenker is temporarily no longer accepting UK shipments, it said in a message on Wednesday. Shipments that have already been posted would continue to be delivered as quickly as possible. The logistics company is currently observing significant problems in dealing with the customs formalities in goods traffic between the European Union and the United […]

“I want to shake it all off if I have the same heart…”

YouTuber Choi Choi (29, right of the photo), who is appearing in TV Chosun’s’We Got Divorced’ along with his ex-wife Yoo Catnip (left in the photo), is drawing a meaningful post. On the 14th, Choi Choi posted a photo on his personal SNS along with the article “Why is my life a life I have […]

New York may not have vaccines available by the end of next week

New York City could run out of its stocks of coronavirus vaccines by the end of next week, Mayor Bill de Blasio said at a press briefing on Tuesday, January 12. Watch the video :“We were very impatient to receive the vaccine”: one of the first large vaccination centers to open in New York «We […]

Zazi planned an attack in the New York subway

It would be the most serious threat the United States has known since September 11, 2001. If Najibullah Zazi’s plan to attack had not been aborted, it could have claimed many lives in the New York subway last September. The 25-year-old Afghan, residing in the United States since adolescence, pleaded guilty Monday to “conspiracy to […]

Chinese vaccine is barely more than 50 percent effective – Wel.nl

The corona vaccine developed by the Chinese Sinovac is only 50.4 percent effective, according to the latest Brazilian study. That is much less than previous data showed and hardly more than the 50 percent required to be approved. Due to the high number of corona infections, Brazil chose to purchase the Chinese vaccine that was […]

Tottenham faces Fulham instead of Aston Villa on the 14th

Round 18 match postponed due to corona spreadThe match that was delayed on the 31st of last month replaced Less burdensome partner… Attention to the lead chase Tottenham Son Heung-min (left) is dribbling in the 2020-2021 Carabao Cup semi-final against Brentford in London, England on the 6th. London = AFP Yonhap News The sports game […]