Jihadists destroy historic Catholic mission in Cabo Delgado | Cabo Delgado

The Nangololo mission, in Muidumbe, was occupied for 20 days by the jihadists DR Attacked, occupied and destroyed. The historic Catholic mission of Nangololo, the second oldest in the diocese of Pemba, located in Muidumbe, in the province of Cabo Delgado, bears the marks of occupation by the jihadists who for more than three years […]

Duck-billed dinosaur first discovered in Africa

A fossil of dinosaur duck-billed, also known as Ajnabia Odysseus, was discovered in Morocco by an international research team. Specialists were unaware that this species had existed on the African continent, report our colleagues from Parisian Tuesday 17th November. The study, conducted by researchers from the Center for Paleontology Research – Paris, the University of […]

THE BALL – French ‘flying’ dies during training (More Sport)

Frenchman Vince Reffet, 36, known as the ‘flying man’, died this Tuesday during training. Known for feats as spectacular as getting on a plane in full flight in 2017 or jumping from the world’s tallest tower, Burj Khalif, in Dubai, Vince Reffet died at Jetman’s base in Dubai. «Vince was a talented athlete and a […]

Africa in the grip of the ″ debt tsunami ″ | Africa | DW

Hardly anyone will want her job: Vera Daves, Angola’s finance minister. By the end of the year, the country’s gigantic mountain of debt is likely to have grown to over 120 percent of gross domestic product. Even in normal times that would be a huge challenge, now the corona pandemic is added. “Our first priority […]

Africa has found salvation from the covid. She developed a dollar test

Handy, easy to apply, affordable, with results in minutes. These were the main goals of the development of a diagnostic test kit for the presence of coronavirus from the Biomedical Research Institute in the Senegalese capital. “They cost one dollar after launch,” Amadou Sall, director of the Pasteur Institute, told CNN, who likened the ease […]

From Lannion, Orange cables Africa with optical fiber

On November 10, Orange unveiled the deployment of the first high-speed fiber optic network in eight West African countries (1), bringing together 330 million inhabitants. The Djoliba project, which means “Niger river” in Mandinka, wants to avoid a gap between continents at two speeds, thanks to a secure network. “Until then, each country had its […]