In Moscow, a woman fell under a bus during a fight. 18+

Photo: Still from video A woman died on the spot from her injuries According to the video, before the incident, the deceased attacked the man with her fists. When he hit her back, the woman fell under a passing bus. In the Russian capital, a woman died under the wheels of a bus. She fell […]

Largest Underwater Eruption Gives Birth to a New Giant Volcano

Jakarta – A major seismic event that occurred in May 2018 and was felt throughout the world, gave birth to a new volcano under the sea. Off the east coast of the island of Mayotte, the giant volcano rises 820 meters from the seabed. Researchers note this is something of an unprecedented advantage before the […]

Xi to Biden: US policy has caused serious difficulties – Last Hour

(ANSA) – BEIJING, 10 SEPTEMBER – US policy on China has led to “serious difficulties in bilateral ties”, with an impact on the whole world. Chinese President Xi Jinping, in a telephone conversation with his American counterpart Joe Biden this morning, said that “when China and the United States work together, both countries and the […]

Jokowi Asks Staff to Beware of Covid-19 Your Variant Enters Indonesia – President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) asked his ministers to be aware of the Covid-19 variant B1621 or variant Mu. Jokowi warned ministers so that the Mu variant of the corona virus did not enter Indonesia. “I also want all of our attention to be related to transportation, Mr. Menhub, which is related to the […]

95% of the Sea Will ‘Disappear’ By 2100

Jakarta – According to the latest research, up to 95% of the surface according to on Earth will change by the end of this century, unless humans are willing to change by reducing carbon emission. Quoted from Nature World News, most marine life is supported by a sea surface climate characterized by surface water temperature, […]

Afraid of blood clots? According to study, it is therefore better to get vaccinated

The risk of developing blood clots is much lower after vaccination against COVID-19 than when contracting this disease. This is the largest study to date of the side effects of the vaccine. The British study, published in the British Medical Journal (BMJ), compared the medical records of 29 million people who received their first dose […]

Klitschko was not allowed to meet Merkel at the airport

Photo: Still from video Vitali Klitschko was not allowed to the plane of the arrived Merkel According to the protocol of the German Chancellor, the mayor must meet, Klitschko said. In 2018 it was, but not this time. The Mayor of Kiev Vitali Klitschko was not allowed to the airport to meet the German Chancellor […]

The best places to travel in Latin America, according to the Times – Travel – Life

The world has wonderful destinations to visit. The American magazine ‘Time’ compiled 100 of the best, in accordance with the recommendations of its correspondents and collaborators. Eight places are in Latin America. The list does not leave aside the challenges that the hotel and tourism sector. This was the result of the pandemic that forced […]