The Czech Republic imposes a state of emergency for a period of 30 days

Andrey Babish From November 26, the Czech government will impose a state of emergency for a period of 30 days in connection with the situation with the coronavirus, the electronic edition of the newspaper Mlada fronta DNES reported, quoted by FOCUS News Agency. Acting Prime Minister Andrei Babish confirmed the information. “In the Czech Republic, […]

Rome hosts G20 summit

G20 summit kicks off in Rome Over the course of two days, world leaders will discuss the situation in the economy, health and climate. Rome hosts a two-day G20 summit on Saturday, October 30. The summit was opened at the La Nuvola congress center. In the first session, world leaders will discuss the global economy […]

Dr. Hasardjiev: The real Covid epidemic is now occurring in Bulgaria

Dr. Stanimir Hasardjiev “No lesson has been learned from the Covid waves so far.” This opinion was expressed to BNR Dr. Stanimir Hasardjiev, Chairman of the National Patient Organization. According to him, the situation is underestimated and the authorities have been inactive during the 2 years of the Covid pandemic: “The necessary measures and actions […]

A rally for lowering tariffs is underway near the Rada

Photo: Protesters near Rada demand to lower tariffs The protesters demand a reduction in tariffs for gas and other housing and communal services. The situation on site is calm. Near the Verkhovna Rada, about a hundred people are protesting against raising prices for housing and communal services. The protesters call on the authorities to […]

Snow on Petrohan is also expected in Sofia

The Petrohan Pass is completely snowy, the temperature there is currently minus 5 degrees, BTV reported. Visibility is reduced. The situation is the same on the Trojan campaign, where restrictions have been introduced for trucks over 12 tons. The snow will fall today in the low in Western Bulgaria, so expect soon in Sofia, announced […]