U.S. urges to investigate cause of Californian death after COVID-19 vaccination

The recipients of the vaccine against COVID-19 Some people may have allergies. But the likelihood of developing a severe allergic reaction is very low. By the California State Health Office that There is also information on the response to Moderna Noi vaccine. But in a similar vaccine The allergen rate is about 1 per 100,000. […]

US ban on Chinese companies could affect $ 60 billion bond

January 24, 2021 49 JPMorgan said in a note to clients earlier this week: The US ban on investors from holding shares of blacklisted Chinese firms It could affect as much as $ 60 billion in bonds. And will stimulate money flows out of the bond market through President Donald’s government Trump issued an executive […]

Rhino Financial Morning Post: The actual controller of Songdu shares was filed and Luxshare Precision was investigated by US 337_俞建

Original title: Rhino Financial Morning Post: The actual controller of Songdu shares was filed and Lixun Precision was investigated by US 337 Author: Lingling Source: GPLP Rhino Finance (ID: gplpcn) Yu Jianwu, the actual controller of Songdu shares, was filed on suspicion of insider trading GPLP Rhino Financial News: On January 23, Songdu shares (600077.SH) […]

I. New York, eternally new

It attracts the eye like a magnet with its bevelled glass facades! You can’t miss the new One World Trade Center tower. America’s tallest skyscraper (541 m) doesn’t just reshape the New York skyline. It is also the symbol of a city which is reborn from its ashes. Elevators as fast as a scooter (37 […]

U.S. multi-state new crown vaccine supply is insufficient

Original Title: The largest vaccination center in the United States is also in urgent need of new crown vaccine supply in many states There is insufficient supply of new crown vaccine in many states of the United States. (Source: Associated Press) Overseas Network, January 23rdAs the new crown vaccine continues to ravage the United States, […]