Texas anti-abortion law remains in effect ahead of Nov. 1 Supreme Court review

The US Supreme Court announced Friday that it would review Texas’ abortion law on November 1, with the high court refusing to suspend application of the law at the same time. The controversial law is not immediately suspended. The United States Supreme Court announced on Friday afternoon that it would review Texas’ abortion law on […]

Hundreds of birds found dead on New York sidewalks

Cindy Fernandez Meteored Argentine 10 Oct 5 min Birds misunderstand the reflection of the sky in the windows of buildings and die by hitting the glass. This week, several people uploaded videos and images of sidewalks of New York with hundreds of bird carcasses on social media. Migrating birds have fallen injured or dead after […]

New York gets rid of Thomas Jefferson statue and its slave past

The American metropolis has decided to remove from its city council chamber the statue of the third president of the United States, which “represents some of the most shameful pages in the long and nuanced history” of the country. The work will be transferred to a museum. Figures of slavery continue to fall in the […]

The United States, the new eldorado of bitcoin “miners”

ANALYSIS – The new record reached by the currency has made the business of this sector totally turned upside down for a year. Every time bitcoin hits a new all-time high, cryptocurrency “miners” rub their hands a little more. It is they, armed with very powerful computers, who ensure the security of transactions on the […]

the American police have found “human remains” which could be those of her fiancé

The American media dispatched helicopters and special envoys to Florida after the news of the discovery of these remains near personal objects belonging to Brian Laundrie. The investigation into the murder of young traveler Gabby Petito, a case that has fascinated America for weeks, entered a decisive phase on Wednesday with the discovery of “human […]

conviction of an American policeman who had killed an Australian woman

A former Minnesota police officer was sentenced Thursday, October 21, to 57 months in prison for shooting and shooting an Australian living in the United States, who called the 911 emergency number to report a possible crime near her home. Read alsoFalse start for the municipal police of Paris Mohamed Noor, 36, was sentenced in […]

US announces initiative to reduce Amazon deforestation

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken announced Thursday, October 21 during a visit to Colombia that the United States would take a regional initiative to reduce deforestation in the Amazon in order to fight climate change. Read alsoIn Paris, Blinken tries to renew the transatlantic link with Macron Ten days before COP26, the UN climate […]

Pablo Escobar’s hippos recognized as legal persons in the United States

For the first time, an American court has recognized legal personality in animals. And not just any: the descendants of Pablo Escobar’s hippos, which have multiplied in Colombia since the death of the famous drug trafficker 30 years ago. This recognition was granted in the context of a legal battle aimed at blocking their slaughter. […]

US tests hypersonic missile components

The United States announced Thursday, October 21 that it had successfully tested “prototypesOf hypersonic missile components that will be used to develop this new type of weaponry for which China and Russia have taken a head start. Read alsoDefense: how hypersonic missiles are changing the strategic game Three tests, carried out Wednesday at the Wallops […]