Could the Corona Covid-19 Virus be Contagious Through Frozen Food? All pages

By Tuti Siregar MID last month China’s customs authorities rejected Indonesian fishery products because the outer packaging of the seafood products was contaminated corona virus. A month earlier, China’s Shenzhen City government reported positive case findings Covid-19 in frozen chicken wings imported from Brazil. The case was announced a day after the finding of a […]

Beware, The Number One Killer Mosquito in the World – Professor at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of IPB University, Prof. Dr. drh Upik Kesumawati Hadi, said that people must be aware of mosquitoes, because they are the number one killer in the world. “Mosquitoes cause more suffering to humans when compared to other organisms and attack not only humans, but also animals,” […]

Mes: Delrio, let’s discuss how to strengthen health – Ultima Ora

(ANSA) – ROME, OCTOBER 22 – “I do not want to open discussions here on a tool like the Mes: we await the health plan and to be able to discuss serenely and with great tranquility how to do to have the best health in the world. we will calmly discuss how to strengthen public […]

Coronavirus in the world: infections, updates and all the news on the situation

There are now over 1.1 million coronavirus victims worldwide. The cases diagnosed so far are close to 41 million. The United States is the country that has paid the highest price, with about 222,000 lives broken by Covid-19. Followed by Brazil (about 155,000 dead), India (115,000), Mexico (87,000) and the United Kingdom (44,000). More than […]

THE BALL – Dragon in Manchester with high alert (Champions League)

A few hours after the arrival of FC Porto, Manchester received expected but unwanted news: Boris Johnson announced that Greater Manchester will enter, starting at midnight on Friday, at the level of 3 restrictions, the highest of the plan for halt the rise in Covid-19 cases in the UK. “Given the public health situation, I […]

Trump has bank account in China and spent 10 years trying to invest

JN / Agencies Today at 09:14 The president of the United States spent a decade trying to invest in China, where he managed an office in the first run for the presidency, creating a partnership with a company controlled by the Chinese government, reported the New York Times. Donald Trump’s tax returns, to which the […]

Chinese province of Shaanxi with three cases of covid imported via Portugal

JN / Agencies Yesterday at 4:45 pm The province of Shaanxi, in central China, registered three cases of covid-19 on Friday, all Chinese citizens returned to the country through Lisbon airport. According to the Shaanxi Provincial Health Commission, on Friday two Chinese, one 47 and the other 55, tested positive for the new coronavirus, which […]

Russian investors preferred cryptocurrencies to gold :: Economy :: RBC

Russian banks have increased their gold reserves to a new historical record A quarter of all Russian investments are purchased online, and investments in cryptocurrencies dominate the Internet, experts say. Read on RBC Pro Investment gold is a 999.9 purity metal that cannot be used in jewelry. The largest buyer of investment gold is the […]

Students will have indicated the beheaded teacher in Paris for money to the jiadist

JN / Agencies Today at 10:44 Investigators believe that several students indicated for money who Professor Samuel Paty was to the jiadista who beheaded him on Friday next to the school where he worked in the Paris region. Education Minister Jean-Michel Blanquer said on Tuesday that “there are elements” that suggest this possibility, with four […]