Tags to the glory of Hitler discovered near the Jean-Moulin school in Bron

This Thursday morning, the discovery of tags in the Terraillon district in Bron was particularly shocking. The writings were revealed by François-Xavier Pénicaud, deputy mayor Jérémie Bréaud. Produced near the Jean-Moulin school, they are an anthology of insanities and anti-police or anti-Semitic messages to the glory of Adolf Hitler. “Hithler le rho (diminutive of brother […]

they saw a surveillance camera using a grinder

The attack dates back to Tuesday evening in Bron. According to Actu17, six individuals attacked the mast of a CCTV camera on avenue Pierre Brosolette by trying to saw it with a grinder, around 11 p.m. The criminals, who had taken care to bring a ladder and a grinder, were caught in the act by […]

Jaime Echenique says he does not feel pressure to reach the NBA

Barranquillero can be seen from leagues. Nothing else was that he came to the Washington Wizards press room to say phrases like “Barranquilla, this is for you! Long live Barranquilla! ”. Sayings worthy of a swashbuckling ‘currambero’. This is how the athlete who can make history for Colombian sports made his appearance before the media: […]

The problem with the Interpol Presidency in Lyon

The inspiration for the existence of this institution comes in part from a Lyonnais, Professor Edmond Locard, also a true inventor of forensic science. Interpol is a structure which aims to fight serious crime and terrorism in the world. A great mission that its agents operate with motivation and talent. But the fact is, that […]

Cameroon: Suspected organ trafficking in Yaoundé central hospital

Denial In reaction, the director of the Yaoundé Central Hospital, Professor Pierre Joseph Fouda, recognizes that the 22-year-old victim was received in the emergency room on September 10, 2021 “for a penetrating wound in the left lumbar fossa”. “Which required an operation to repair the internal damage,” he continues. According to the director of the […]

TCL bus driver transported to hospital after projectile throws

The facts took place this Sunday evening around 10:30 p.m. According to our information, a TCL bus from line 31 was hit by projectile jets on rue Albert Falsan in the 9th arrondissement of Lyon. The driver of the vehicle was lightly hit by shards of glass as an object was thrown head-on into the […]

an unmarked armored van robbed this Friday morning

The facts took place on the A7 motorway. This Friday morning, around 10:30 am, an attack by an armored van took place on the Solaize area, in the direction Paris-Marseille. According to our information, the targeted vehicle was unmarked. A source close to the investigation indicates to the editors of LyonMag that no loot would […]

Two convictions after urban violence in Bron

Two young people, 24 and 21, were on trial at the end of last week. They were arrested after a new episode of urban violence that occurred on the night of Wednesday to Thursday in Bron. Police officers had been grazed on avenue Edouard-Herriot while they were working on an investigation into the gunshot wound […]