Microsoft Rolls Out Update to Solve Windows 11 Problems on AMD PCs

Windows 11 features a sleek new design with pastel colors, rounded corners, sound startup new, and a more Mac-like overall appearance. In Windows 11 you will find many new desktop features, such as widget which can give you information at a glance, and manufacture desktop easier virtual. Quoted by CNet, at the Microsoft Build development […]

WhatsApp Integration of Joinable Calls Feature in Group Chats, Jakarta – WhatsApp has improved the experience of the Joinable Calls feature that integrates group chats (group chat). Through the updates that are presented, it is easier for users to join group calls that are being made. So, in an official statement received on Saturday (20/10/2021), WhatsApp has now integrated a call button in […]

6 Tips for Photo Flowers with HP

Image source: Lumajang – How to photograph flowers with a cellphone camera is not difficult, especially if the camera supports it. Nowadays, all smartphones are equipped with cameras to take pictures of whatever they want. One of the classic objects that can be created from many sides and lighting is a photo of flowers. […]

Argentina has already received more than 81 million vaccines – Télam

Argentina surpassed the 81 million doses of coronavirus vaccines received this week. Argentina super this week the 81 million doses of vaccines against the coronavirus received since the implementation of the strategic plan to immunize the population, while the inoculation of children and adolescents without risk factors advances throughout the country. A new shipment of […]

500 thousand doses of the second component of Sputnik V arrived from Russia – Télam

Photo: archive. A new shipment of vaccines from Moscow with 500 thousand doses of the second component of Sputnik V arrived to continue completing the vaccination schedules against the disease caused by the SARS-CoV-2 virus and Argentina exceeded 81.6 million doses received since the start of the pandemic. The half million doses arrived at the […]

Samsung Galaxy M22 Review: IDR 2 Million Smartphone That Exceeds Expectations

My experience when using the Samsung Galaxy M22 is not much different from when I tried its fellow M series “brother”, the Samsung Galaxy M32. Smartphone This is suitable for those of you who want a device that promises to be used for a long time, is affordable in price, and already has good specifications […]

Erosion is a natural process of soil erosion, know the causes and effects

According to the Big Indonesian Dictionary (KKBI), erosion is a condition where the earth’s surface is eroded by force involving the lifting of various objects such as flowing water, ice, wind, and waves or currents. However, there are several other opinions regarding the definition of erosion from the following experts: Encyclopaedia Britannica Quoted from the […]