Advantages and risks of the new mixed debit-credit cards | My money

Wallets – or now mobile phones – store two types of cards: debit cards, used on a daily basis for regular purchases, and credit cards, saved for emergencies or for expenses that you do not want to pay immediately. However, this trend is going to disappear, despite the fact that consumers do not agree with […]

Minsk, destructive sanctions, one step away from economic warfare – Last Hour

(ANSA) – MOSCOW, 22 JUN – “We have repeatedly affirmed that sanctions negatively affect the interests of citizens, are counterproductive and malicious. But deliberately destructive actions against the population continue to ‘drain the regime financially’. the declaration of an economic war “. This was stated in a note from the Belarusian Foreign Ministry, after the […]

The bank heats up the battle for mortgages: this is the offer | My money

After the stoppage a year ago due to the arrival of Covid-19, the resurgence of the demand for housing has redoubled the bank’s commitment to the mortgages, stoking the commercial battle that has been fought for some time. The financial entities they want to regain the market lost during lockdown and restrictions and are willing […]

Again, debating capital requirements | Opinion

One of the main tasks of legislators working in the field of financial regulation focuses on the establishment of capital requirements. This dedication also extends to the work of supervisors, who must develop and apply this regulation on financial entities, be they banks or insurance companies. The debate is always the same. The industry is […]

Beware, this is a list of 28 stupid investments that OJK has stopped – Investment Alert Task Force ( SWI) has released a list of applications, pawnshops, and illegal entity or fraudulent investments that have the potential to harm society. Most recently, SWI, which consists of 13 ministries and agencies, has blocked Tiktok Cash and Snack Video. “We have discussed with Snack Video management and there is […]

Spanish banking, the second best digitized in the world | Companies

Spanish banking leads the process of financial digitization in the world. According to the study Digital Banking Maturity 2020, produced by Monitor Deloitte, Spanish banks are in second place in the world in digital transformation, only behind Turkey. The report studies the functionalities that cover the digital channels of retail banking According to customer needs […]