Surprising Rainfall Boosts Wheat Production Outlook for 2023/24 Season in Argentina

The agricultural sector has received a pleasant surprise as far as the weather is concerned, since in recent days there have been large-scale rains that have far exceeded the monthly averages for May. This event has come at the right time to change the productive perspectives of wheat for the 2023/24 season, according to the […]

“Military Strength Comparison: Afghanistan vs Iran”

Military top brass are in Iran’s underground missile base. Photo/REUTERS/wana KABUL – In the context of regional security, it is important to understand the comparison of military strength between various countries. The following is a comparison of the military strength of Afghanistan and Iran. Afghanistan’s Military Strength According to the 2021 Global Firepower Index, Afghanistan […]

Russia-Ukraine War Intensifies: Battle for Bakhmut and Incursion into Belgorod

Russia’s Wagner Group claimed to have captured Bakhmut in eastern Ukraine this week, but the Ukrainian government has said it intends to retake the destroyed city after laying siege to it. Ukrainian ground forces commander-in-chief Alexander Silsky said, “We continue to advance on the outskirts of Bakhmut, and we are actually close to capturing the […]