The new Audi SQ2 arrives in Italy: orders and prices

January 10, 2021 After the success of the first generation, the second generation of the Audi SQ2 is available for pre-order in Italy in a revised version both aesthetically and mechanically. The sporty compact SUV from the Ingolstad company is characterized by new design solutions that further accentuate its gritty character. Of course, the Audi […]

Jeep Grand Cherokee, the new model for 2021

Jeep Grand Cherokee is presented in his new version that will debut on the North American market, for the first time offered with three rows of seats. Its off-road capabilities have improved, road performance, build quality, luxury details have been perfected; the car offers superior comfort, in addition to technological and safety features. This is […]

it occupies the entire dashboard of the car and is curved-

For the first information on the sensational MBUX Hyperscreen infotainment system, it is necessary to wait for the opening of the CES, on Monday (this year, due to the pandemic, also the world consumer electronics exhibition – which usually took place in Las Vegas, digital event). More details will be added in the summer, with […]

Investors leave the party at Elringklinger after the sales vote

Warburg analyst Marc-Rene Tonn downgraded the share from “Hold” to “Sell” on Wednesday, even though he raised the target price from EUR 8.00 to EUR 12.50. The shares were currently quoted at EUR 14.66. In his study, Tonn clouded the imagination for business with fuel cells – a trend topic that has recently been much […]

Two people injured in a serious traffic accident on the A46 near Düsseldorf

January 6, 2021 at 11:34 am Car overturns : Two people injured in a serious traffic accident on the A46 near Düsseldorf <!– <!– <!– In the accident, a car overturned and got stuck on the roof. Photo: Patrick Schüller Düsseldorf In a serious traffic accident on Tuesday evening on the A46 in Düsseldorf Bilk, […]

Cologne: A3 accident with concrete slab – tracks remain blocked for months

Cologne After the fatal concrete slab accident, there are likely to be several months of restrictions for drivers on the A3 near Cologne. The still hanging noise protection elements are now to be provided with additional safeguards. The work for this would first have to be advertised and awarded, said the spokeswoman. The brackets – […]

Buy a car directly or on credit? (Money, car and motorcycle)

My car was removed and I don’t know who will pay for it. I have fully comprehensive insurance but the police said that if they find it again after about 4-6 weeks, the credit will continue to run. What happens if the car is there but it is a total write-off or something like that? […]

Auto Trump: Consider “quarantine” for New York economy

Washington (AP) – US President Donald Trump is apparently considering a far-reaching lockdown of New York and other states severely affected by the Corona crisis. “Some people would like to see New York quarantined because it is a hotspot,” Trump said in the White House garden. When giving a speech in Norfolk, Virginia, he promised […]