The OSIRIS-REx probe touches the asteroid and picks up some fragments

Less than five seconds: it took NASA’s Osiris-Rex probe to touch a piece of history of the solar system, the ancient asteroid Bennu, 321 million kilometers from Earth. In just a few moments everything was at stake, over ten years of preparatory work and four years of mission in space, to try to collect at […]

The top Porsche Panamera Turbo S E-Hybrid arrives with 700 horsepower

Porsche introduced the facelifted Panamera at the end of August, but only now is it unveiling the top model Turbo S E-Hybrid with up to 700 horsepower. However, other models were also modified. The new flagship of the Panamera model line is powered by a hybrid system that combines a more powerful 4.0-liter bi-turbo V8 […]

Hyundai Tucson knows Czech prices, you can buy the base from CZK 529,990

You can buy the new generation of the most popular SUV brand Hyundai thanks to a special offer of 60,000 to 70,000 CZK cheaper, but one lucky person can get the car completely free of charge. More than a month away from the September premiere, Hyundai is publishing a price list for the new generation […]

KfW study: SMEs are cutting many jobs

Medium-sized businesses in Germany have to reckon with significantly lower sales due to the Corona crisis. Every sixth company therefore cuts jobs. According to a KfW study, 1.1 million jobs could be lost. As a result of the Corona crisis, medium-sized companies in Germany are cutting numerous jobs. According to a study by the state […]

The next generation Dacie Duster may lose 4×4

After the transition of the Logan and Sandero models to the CMF-B platform, the question arises as to whether the more robust Dacia Duster awaits the same fate. Marc Suss, product director of the Dacia brand in European markets, revealed in an interview with the French magazine L’argus that the current generation of the Duster […]

Violence in New York: “Something’s Going Wrong Out There”

The number of acts of violence in New York has risen sharply since the beginning of the corona pandemic. Even toddlers are victims of shootings in broad daylight. Mayor de Blasio is at a loss. By Antje Passenheim, ARD-Studio New York “Go to hell!” Samantha Gardner has only this message to the murderers of her […]

Dacia Duster Pick-up is officially coming to its home market

Exactly two years after the introduction of the concept, Dacia boasted a production Duster pick-up, which it is launching on its domestic market. The first prototype of the new Dacia Duster Pick-up was the work of Romturingia, which presented it exactly two years ago at the Commercial Vehicle Exhibition in Hanover. Since then, the Romanian […]

Eight conditions that mobile advertising videos should meet today – ADZINE

This article was written jointly by Katja Griesser and Andreas Rau, MMA Germany. A study by the Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) together with the market research institute Neustar showed that the human brain only needs 400 milliseconds to perceive advertising in a mobile context, to recognize a brand and to develop a positive or negative […]

HUMANKIND shares short gameplay snippets

HUMANKIND, SEGA’s answer to 2K’s Civilization, is fast approaching its official release. The game is therefore available for purchase and shares a short gameplay trailer to spread that message. The video in question is more than a few gameplay snippets, by the way. It is also a video in which accolades and awards are mentioned […]

Giuliani: Nothing wrong with Borat 2 – Ultima Ora

(ANSA) – NEW YORK, 22 OCT – “Nothing improper”. Rudolph Giuliani defends himself on Twitter after the advances that see him as the protagonist of a compromising situation in the sequel to the film “Borat” which will debut tomorrow on Amazon Prime. “The video for ‘Borat’ is a complete fabrication. I was putting my shirt […]