In biathlon, psychological games start: They are trying to fool us

Elite Norwegian biathletes, for example, believe that Swedish star Sebastian Samuelsson is trying to throw them out with his statements to the media. Before the Sunday’s fighter in Oberhof, where he finished second, the Olympic winner declared that his form is still quite poor and that he is facing a significant improvement towards the Olympics. […]

Bjarne Brøndbo knocked out of the corona

DDE star Bjarne Brøndbo (57) went into Christmas with a positive corona test. The artist tells it NRK. A couple of days before Brøndbo tested positive, his brother, DD.E drummer Eskil Brøndbo, had been diagnosed with covid-19 infection. Bjarne Brøndbo sensed unrest when his sense of taste and smell changed, and it came as no […]

Chile had a debut for oblivion in the ATP Cup

While millions of Chileans embraced and celebrated the start of a new year, Chile suffered before a powerful Spanish team at the start of the ATP Cup. The tournament played in Australia had very negative results for the nationals, who fell by a resounding 0-3. The first to jump onto the court was Alejandro Tabilo, […]

Corona infection in NRK’s ​​Tour de Ski team

The infected person has mild symptoms and is quarantined for 14 days, like the rest of NRK’s ​​team. All of NRK’s ​​employees in Oberstdorf have been tested, and a response is expected during the weekend. The infection in the state channel’s team will not affect online and radio broadcasts during the two race days of […]

Free for the USA in Norway – Dagsavisen

The consultation deadline for the so-called “supplementary agreement” is now out. In the spring, the Storting will make a final decision on whether US military personnel will have exclusive access to areas at the Rygge, Sola and Evenes airports and to the Ramsund naval base. Here, the Americans should be able to operate much like […]