CPK has a delay at the start

On Thursday, the Supreme Audit Office published a report entitled: “Central Communication Port – can it be successful?”. We read in it that the largest government investment in Poland at the moment is delayed from the very beginning. NIK indicates that at this pace of work, the completion of the airport construction by the end […]

Wenter Klaavbröder donate to the children in need action group

Message from 01/12/2022 In November 2021, the KG Wenter Klaavbröder eV Windhagen was able to organize the season opening sessions for carnival enthusiasts ladies and gentlemen with top-class Cologne carnivals, which are well-known beyond the state borders of Rhineland-Palatinate, taking into account special corona-related conditions. KG Wenter Klaavbröder eV Windhagen and the action group Children […]

China: Omicron Falls in Tianjin | Abroad

China – After the first local omicron cases occurred in China, the northeastern city of Tianjin ordered mass tests for the entire population. As the authorities of the 15 million metropolis announced on Sunday, 20 corona infections have been identified in the city since Friday. Sequencing showed that the first two cases were infections with […]

Second edition of the book “Fertilization of Crops of Chile” published

Ten years after its first version, INIA researchers, led by specialist Juan Hirzel, deliver an enlarged and corrected publication, with analysis and recommendations for the most relevant agricultural crops in the country. A Book called to become mandatory reference material for advisers, farmers and agricultural professionals, has just been published by the Institute of Agricultural […]

El Niño’s second prize, sold in 10 towns in Castilla-La Mancha

This number, awarded with 75,000 euros each tenth, has fallen specifically in the towns of Albacete, Liétor and Valdeganga, in the province of Albacete; in Criptana Field, in Ciudad Real; in Iniesta and Mota del Cuervo, in Cuenca; and in Toledo, Burguillos de Toledo, Seseña and La Puebla de Almoradiel, within the province of Toledo. […]

Army bans Whatsapp for service

Defense – The Swiss Army has banned WhatsApp for official use. Instead, the Threema messaging service will be used for communication from the new year. The reason: Threema, based in Switzerland, is also more secure with regard to data protection. The Swiss company Threema is not subject to the Cloud Act and can be used […]

Poland took 6th place in the prestigious ranking

The ranking was published by the prestigious British magazine “The Economist”. Denmark topped the list, followed by Slovenia, Sweden, Norway, Chile and Poland (ex aequo with Ireland). The criteria taken into account by the authors of the statement are GDP growth and household income, the condition of the stock exchange, investment expenditure and state debt. […]

How many times has El Gordo de Navidad fallen in each Spanish region

The autonomous city of Melilla It is the only region in Spain where the ‘Gordo‘ of Extraordinary Giveaway from Christmas lottery, after the provinces of Ávila, Tarragona and Zamora abandoned in 2018 the list of not awarded with this grand prize, endowed with 400,000 euros to the tenth. On the opposite side, Madrid, which is […]

PIT-2. PIT-2 declaration. What is PIT-2. Check the PIT-2 rules

As a rule, PIT-2 is submitted once, right after starting work for a given employer, i.e. before the first payment of remuneration. However, there are no obstacles (the regulations do not preclude this) from the employer accepting and applying this declaration at any time of the year (it will not have negative consequences for the […]

UOKiK imposed a fine of PLN 140 million on Kaufland

The Office of Competition and Consumers imposed a fine on the Kaufland chain in the amount of approximately PLN 124 million for unfair use of contractual advantage and PLN 13.2 million for incorrect labeling of vegetables with the country of origin. The practice of negotiating a contract after the start of the year concerned over […]