Disappointment in the West. New sentiments in Ukraine

Ukraine’s difficult relationship with the West The West should not rest assured that Ukraine’s orientation toward the model of Western democracies is irreversible. A society is growing in Ukraine, which feels itself existentially connected with Western democratic values, and this makes it even more disappointed in the indifferent attitude of the West, writes in the […]

So Doomsday Scenario, What Will Happen If The Sun Rises From The West?

PEOPLE’S MIND – There are various scenarios doomsday which marks the end of life on earth. One of them is the rising of the sun from West to the East described in various scriptures. Apparently, this is not only discussed in terms of religion. Several studies have also examined what will happen if the sun […]

The West should be preparing for bioterrorism, warns Tony Blair

Islamism remains a leading security threat, and the West must prepare for the potential use of biological weapons by extremist groups. Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair warned about this, quoted by Reuters. We remind you the Taliban seized power in Afghanistan last month after the United States withdrew its troops after a 20-year war. […]

NATO appeals to the Russian Federation on the eve of major exercises

NATO will follow the West-2021 exercise Stoltenberg calls on the Russian authorities to be open during the West-2021 exercises. NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg appealed to Russia on the eve of the West 2021 exercises, reports Reuters. In his words, Russia should behave in a predictable and transparent way during exercises. “We saw earlier that […]

Rüdiger Höfken on a hiking tour in Trier and Luxembourg

September 2, 2021 at 1:18 pm Höfken wanders : In the footsteps of the ancient Romans In the middle of our tour is the natural monument “Genoveva Cave”, which can be entered via steps carved into the sandstone. Photo: Rüdiger Höfken Serie Krefeld Today we dare to venture further out. Instead of a day tour […]

Anniversary of the Navalny case: Russian Foreign Ministry speaks of planned provocation

Registration completed successfully!Please click the link from the email that was sent to was sent Send again https://snanews.de/20210818/nawalny-provokation-3276925.html Anniversary of the Navalny case: Russian Foreign Ministry speaks of planned provocation Anniversary of the Navalny case: Russian Foreign Ministry speaks of planned provocation On August 20, 2020, the Kremlin critic Alexei Navalny collapsed during a flight. […]

Taliban says the West must rebuild Afghanistan

Afghanistan’s economy destroyed by the West, Taliban believe The Western countries have been destroying Afghanistan for 20 years and are now obliged to help restore the country’s economy, the Taliban believe. The Taliban, who have seized power in Afghanistan, say the world is “obligated” to help rebuild the country. This statement was made on Tuesday, […]