Aaron Arvis, Latin America Golf Champion – Other Sports – Sports

One of the most incredible stories in the seven editions of the Latin America Amateur Championship was written this Sunday at Teeth of the Dog, Casa de Campo. Aaron Jarvis, from the Cayman Islands, a British territory with only 650 players and two golf courses, won the title of the most important amateur championship in […]

Aubameyang values ​​an offer from Saudi Arabia

The next few days will be key to discovering Aubameyang’s immediate future, as everything indicates that he will leave Arsenal permanently to try his luck in a new destination. Given the lack of top-level offers in European football, the Gabonese striker is already looking at other markets and one of them would be Saudi Arabia. […]

Former Malaysian PM Disappointed MIT and Tsinghua Open Campuses in Indonesia

PUTRAJAYA, KOMPAS.com – Former prime minister Malaysia Najib Razak said he was disappointed after learning that the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (WITH) and Tsinghua University will establish a campus in Indonesia, not in his country. “Slightly disappointed with the announcement that MIT from the United States and Universiti Tsinghua (from China) have chosen Indonesia and […]

Cheap Xiaomi cellphones with powerful cameras, perfect for playing TikTok

GenPI.co – For those who like to play TikTok, take a look at this cheap Xiaomi Redmi Note 10S cellphone. There is a powerful camera embedded in it. The HP Redmi Note 10S camera can be said to be pretty good, because the images produced are quite good with detailed, clear results. The color tone […]

Hurricane Ida continues to wreak havoc on New York area: new death toll puts 45

New York woke up Friday, after being hit by historic torrential rains and flash flooding that killed at least 44 people in the region, in the wake of devastating Storm Ida. In the American economic and cultural megalopolis, the police have counted at least 13 victims, including several trapped and drowned in their basements, rudimentary […]

How Samsung Answers All Gen Z Needs with Galaxy S21 FE 5G

The younger generation or who is familiarly called Gen Z at this time is indeed the one who is intensively looking for it smartphone that suits your needs. Especially digital industry Currently very rapidly which makes everything online. Generation Z is arguably the future thinkers defined by success, connection, expression. The way Generation Z behaves […]

DHF mosquitoes breed in the rainy season, prevent this

GenPI.co – Cases of Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever (DHF) are said to increase along with the change of seasons each year. DHF can cause serious bleeding, a sudden drop in blood pressure that can lead to death. For this reason, it is necessary to take preventive steps from upstream to downstream. This step is often referred […]

Samsung Galaxy S21 FE 5G: Flagship Smartphone for Gen Z with a lot of passion

Anytime Plus – Gen Z is known to have its own characteristics, one of which is creative and has a lot of passion. Especially along with the increasingly rapid development of technology to support any passion to run. Starting from gaming, photography, making Reels or creative TikTok videos that attract the attention of many followers, […]

Xiaomi says it has a way to dominate the market in 2022

Merdeka.com – Xiaomi, welcomes 2022 with a number of strategies to continue to grow. He said that throughout 2021 in Indonesia, Xiaomi had created an important momentum to grow and dominate in 2022. “Xiaomi’s four main strategies for Indonesia in 2022 as a smart choice for Xiaomi fans are strengthening the high-end product portfolio, presenting […]