Skoda stops production of new cars from 18.10. by the end of the year

Skoda will “significantly reduce or even stop” production from October 18 to the end of the year due to the global shortage of chips hampering the automotive sector, writes Automotive News Europe. “Even Skoda Auto is unable to avoid this global crisis,” said Skoda spokesman Thomas Cotera. Production restrictions are the largest to date in […]

Dead dolphins washed up on the shores of the Sea of ​​Azov

Photo: Unsplash Dolphins are very sensitive to underwater noise, including the sound of boat engines and other frequency emissions In order to avoid getting any infection, experts do not recommend that people touch dead dolphins. Dead dolphins were washed ashore on the territory of the Priazovsky National Natural Park in the village of Chkalovo, Zaporozhye […]

UI Professor: Parents who refuse vaccines mean they don’t love their children – In line with the government’s efforts to continue to bring vaccine supplies to Indonesia, the vaccine brands in Indonesia are also increasingly diverse. However, the government still asks the public not to be picky about brands and to hasten vaccinations to avoid the spread of Covid-19 which is getting faster and more dangerous. […]

EU faces more massive influx of migrants, builds more walls (infographic)

Residents of northern Afghanistan are fleeing fighting with the Taliban. PHOTO: PHOTO: Reuters Six EU Member States: Austria, Denmark, Germany, the Netherlands, Greece and Belgium, have expressed a desire to avoid a new massive influx of Afghan migrants, as well as a warning from them not to stop the deportation of asylum seekers from there. […]

IU claims to allocate 20% of the social housing stock to evictions

Hita and Moreno declare themselves satisfied with the degree of implementation achieved by the regional housing policy United Left of La Rioja claims the regional government that “at least 20%” of the stock market social housing of La Rioja is destined to «emergency situations in the face of evictions«. This has been expressed by the […]

Anca Dragu, after the promulgation of the law by which some criminal acts are no longer prescribed: ‘We thus avoid a new case of Ţăndărei’ – News by sources

The President of the Senate, Anca Drag, stated on Thursday, after the promulgation of laws regarding the imprescriptibility of some criminal deeds, that we thus avoid a new case of Ţăndărei, announces. “Prescribable criminal acts! Trafficking in human beings, trafficking in minors, child pornography, pimping, sexual assault, slavery and torture are becoming indescribable acts. […]