Weekend in Genoa and surroundings, what to do

Cold temperatures this weekend in January, but there are plenty of opportunities to get distracted with the many events scheduled in Genoa and its province, or warm up in the theater or museum. As always, there are many events on the agenda, with fairs, concerts, theatre, festivals, cultural reviews and much more. To help you […]

These are the holidays and long weekends

The The 2023 business calendar has 14 holidays across the countrythe same as in 2022. According to the resolution published in the Official Gazette of the State (BOE), eight of those days will be “non-substitutable” national holidays; four chosen from each region; and two others elected by city councils. Some of vacation properties They are […]

Discover the first country to celebrate welcoming the new year 2023

Countries around the world are preparing to celebrate New Year 2023 with parades and fireworks attended by a large number of people, especially after the easing of Covid-19 related measures in many countries. Samoa and Kiribati, located in the South Pacific Ocean, are the first two countries to celebrate New Year’s Eve 2023, according to […]

A political scientist predicts an unexpected political turnaround in our country in 2023-…

“Political crisis and global foreign policy conflict have marked the Bulgarian reality in 2022. President Rumen Radev has amassed unregulated power and political and managerial influence, which he would find very difficult to voluntarily relinquish and hand back to politicians. Bulgaria must return in 2023 to the path of true parliamentary democracy, which can radiate […]

Save the life of a woman suffering from a heart attack thanks to the Apple Watch

Little I could imagine Blanca Santos Martincardiologist in her first year of residency at La Princesa hospital in Madrid, who was about to save a woman’s life while enjoying the patronal festivities of Navalacruz. As reported by ‘El Mundo’, it all started with a phone call from a friend asking for help because her aunt […]