Weather forecast in Ukraine for December announced

Monthly precipitation will be in the range of 33-78 mm In December, the average monthly air temperature in Ukraine is 1-5 degrees below zero, forecasters recalled. The average monthly temperature in December in Ukraine is expected from 4 degrees below zero to 3 degrees Celsius. This is close to the climatic norm, informs Ukrhydrometeorological Center […]

Battle Simulation in the Black Sea, Ukrainian Air Force Exercises Air Attack

loading… KIEV – Air Force Ukraine just finished combat training. One of the sectors being trained is air strike drills. According to the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense, combat training The air raid took place in the southern region of the country on Tuesday (11/23/2021). As reported by Reuters, Wednesday (11/24/2021), several types of fighter aircraft […]

Named an anti-leader in the number of fatal accidents

Photo: National Police The regions with the highest number of road accidents are indicated. We are talking about accidents that killed both drivers and passengers of vehicles, as well as pedestrians. Since the beginning of 2021, the largest number of fatal road traffic accidents have been recorded in the Dnipropetrovsk region. About it reported Prosecutor […]

Enemy Heats Up, US and Russian Supreme Generals Talk on the Phone

loading… WASHINGTON – Supreme general United States of America (USA) and Russia held telephone talks amid Moscow’s feud with Washington’s NATO-led alliance. Tensions between the two camps have escalated after Moscow was accused of deploying large numbers of troops near Ukraine. The Pentagon confirmed that the most senior US general, Mark Milley, spoke by telephone […]

Ukraine used Javelin for the first time. USA will send more

Perhaps the most famous of the American weapons provided to Ukraine has already been used in the Donbas. For the first time, the Armed Forces of Ukraine used the American Javelin anti-tank missile systems during the hostilities in the Donbas. Against the backdrop of incessant reports of preparations for a military invasion by Russia, the […]

Help to Ukraine. New US sanctions against SP-2

Washington decided on new restrictions after due to reports of the accumulation of Russian troops on the Ukrainian border. US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken announced the introduction of new sanctions against the Russian Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline. CNN notes that Washington decided on the restrictions due to reports of the accumulation of Russian […]

Fearing Russia Invasion of Ukraine, US Considers Sending Deadly Aid Packages

loading… WASHINGTON – United States of America (US) considering sending military advisers and new equipment including weaponry to Ukraine . It was done because of Washington’s concerns over a potential invasion Russia to Ukraine increased. Discussions about the proposed lethal aid package came after Ukraine warned that an invasion could occur as soon as January. […]