Israel bombs Hamas targets in Gaza

The Israeli army bombed several targets of the Islamist Hamas movement in the Gaza Strip with fighter planes and attack helicopters on Sunday morning. The military action came after a missile was fired from the Palestinian enclave towards Israel. In its operation, the Israeli army targeted “two missile ammunition production sites, underground infrastructures and a […]

Israeli forces arrest senior Hamas leader at West Bank

loading… WEST EDGE – Team Israel raid the home of a senior leader Hamas Hassan Yousef, 65, in the West Bank city of Beitonya, on Friday (2/10) dawn. Source of security Palestine explain that troops Israel in large numbers stormed the city and broke into Yousef’s house before taking him to Ofer Prison. Yousef was […]

Hamas and Hezbollah Leaders Meet, This Is What Is Talked About

Hamas leader, Ismael Haniyeh. (Source: AP Photo) BEIRUT, KOMPAS.TV – Leader Hamas, Ismael Haniyeh and leaders Hizbullah, Hassan Nasralah reportedly had a meeting. The two sides discussed the normalization of relations between a number of Arab countries and Israel. As quoted from The Times of Israel, their meeting is not known where and when it […]

US Wing Movement Allegedly Provides Arms to Hamas Page all

RALEIGH, – Two men from the American right-wing movement, Boogaloo allegedly trying to supply weapons to Hamas in disguise, to raise money. Launch New York Post On Saturday, it was estimated that the money would be used by Boogaloo for their own anti-government purposes in the state. Michael Robert Solomon, 30, from North Carolina, […]

Israeli army fired at Hamas positions

The Israeli army reported. that it struck Hamas positions in the Gaza Strip in response to a missile fired. “Last night, terrorists in Gaza fired one rocket at Israel. In response, our tanks fired at Hamas military posts in Gaza, ”the Israeli military said in a statement. Twitter. We will remind, last week the number […]

Battling the Gaza Strip, Israeli Tanks Shot at Hamas Posts Overnight

GAZA, – Tank-tank Israel firing on the outposts Hamas of Gaza Strip overnight, in response to a wave of fire balloon attacks. The statement was conveyed by the Israeli military on Thursday (20/8/2020), as reported by the news agency AFP. For the past two weeks, rocket and fire balloon attacks have come and gone […]

Warn Israel, Hamas Launches Rocket Series

Hamas fired rockets warning Israel not to continue annexation of the West Bank REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, GAZA – Group Hamas fired a barrage of rockets toward the sea on Wednesday (1/7). It was a warning aimed at Israel not to continue the planned annexation of the West Bank. Reportedly on the Times of Israel page, Hamas launched […]

Hamas-Israel Attack Each Other Ahead of West Bank Annexation

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia – Group Hamas in the Gaza Strip and the armed forces Israel involved attacking each other on Friday (6/26), ahead of a partial annexation plan West Bank. As reported AFPOn Saturday (27/6), Hamas launched two rockets from the Gaza Strip in the direction of the Israeli city of Sderot. Israel then responded […]

Gaza: Hamas, against annexation ‘we will use all means’ – the last hour

(ANSAmed) – GAZA, JUNE 28 – Hamas intends to use “all means at its disposal” to bring down Israeli plans to annex parts of the West Bank. This was stated on the web by Mussa Abu Marzuk, one of its leaders. Today in Gaza a coordination meeting took place between the main political factions of […]

Middle East conflict: Israel reacts with air strikes to rocket fire from Gaza

foreign countries Middle East conflict Israel reacts with air strikes to rocket fire from Gaza Status: 9:04 a.m. | Reading time: 3 minutes Fireball over Rafah in the Gaza Strip. Here, the Israeli Air Force attacked Islamic Jihad positions After Israeli soldiers killed a Palestinian attacker, Islamic Jihad rocket attacks on Israel followed. Israeli fighters […]