Covid-19 stress, how to recognize and deal with it

When we are about to face an exam or a job interview, our “antennas” are ready to offer an immediate response, increasing the breath, the heartbeat, the responsiveness of the organism. This is the classic acute stress reaction. And it helps us overcome obstacles. But when the phenomenon continues over time and becomes chronic, it […]

Beautypedia, What Is Mascara? : Okezone Lifestyle

Even though nowadays the trend of eyelash extensions has mushroomed, many of them still want mascara. Yes, mascara is one makeup that can make your lashes curl more than the original. Launching Lifehack, mascara is made from black pigments that are bound by polymers and thickened by various waxes or oils. Mascara is used to […]

Doctors Answer Two Common Myths of Vaccines Circulating in the Community

There are still many people who believe in myths and false news related to vaccines. – Vaccine is one of the medical studies used to treat dangerous infectious diseases since decades ago. It’s just that, there are still many people who believe myth as well as false news regarding vaccines. Especially during pandemics Covid-19 […]

Mass Injection of Covid-19 Vaccine February 2021

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia– PT Bio Farma (Persero) projects that Covid-19 vaccination can be given in early February 2021, after obtaining an emergency use authorization (EUA) from the BPOM. Currently, Bio Farma still has to complete the data needed for EUA, namely a complete report on phase 1 and 2 clinical trials, and interim data on […]

To chicken meat lovers … Beware of its dangers to the health of the body

Most people tend to eat chicken meat, due to the diversity of its use in many delicious recipes, but the American “Mayo Clinic” medical and research group surprised us with a recent study confirming the health damage that results from eating more white chicken meat, according to “Sky News” Where the “Mayo Clinic” reported that […]

Psychological unhealthy increases due to corona

GELDERLAND- “I am more often depressed by the corona virus with all the limitations that life currently has, with more fear of getting it or losing people.” This was said by a 25-year-old participant in the corona follow-up study of GGD North and East Gelderland. GGD Noord- en Oost-Gelderland is investigating the consequences of the […]

The Importance of Vaccines to Prevent the Covid-19 Outbreak – Until now, many people have ignored the importance of vaccines to prevent infectious diseases. Thus, massive socialization is needed and continues to be sustainable. The reason is, vaccines are considered to be the most effective tool to prevent transmission because they can build immunity, as in Covid-19. “Each vaccine has a different effectiveness, […]

Prostate cancer plus female information to prevent it

Prostate cancer is the most common male cancer and accounts for over 20% of those diagnosed from 50 years of age. In Italy, one in 8 men is likely to get sick with this disease in the course of their life and each year there are about 37,000 new cases. Despite these numbers, early diagnosis […]