because it serves women especially now

Cwith the arrival of the first cold and with the pandemic in progress, it is necessary to strengthen the immune defenses to the maximum. To achieve this goal, a valid help comes from vitamin B12, which strengthens the immune system, in particular white blood cells, used in fighting viruses, bacteria and cancer cells. Getty Images […]

The immunologist told how long a patient with COVID-19 is contagious The immunologist told how long a patient with COVID-19 is contagious The immunologist told how long a patient with COVID-19 is contagious Immunologist Vladislav Zhemchugov told how long a patient with COVID-19 poses a danger to others. RIA Novosti, 31.10.2020 2020-10-31T05: 55 2020-10-31T05: 55 2020-10-31T05: 55 the spread of the new coronavirus Natalia Wheat […]

Difficult to Maintain Weight on Vacation? Here’s the Trick to Overcome It

loading… JAKARTA – It cannot be denied that most people find it difficult to get through a long holiday without consuming a lot of food or snacks. Then how do you keep it body weighton this holiday? In a small study at the University of Bath, UK, researchers asked healthy adult men to increase their […]

A degree in veterinary medicine in Ticino? “Not exactly”

CANTON 30.10.2020 – 15:580 An interpellation by the group Più Donne bends again on the question of self-styled universities BELLINZONA – In Ticino we are once again talking about self-styled universities. This time for a degree course in veterinary medicine with a connection to our cantonal territory. An issue on which the Più Donne group […]

Positive staff and patients, half of Tradate Medicine closes

Positive Covid staff and patients at the Tradate Hospital, Astuti: “Avoid collapse, do not transfer staff to the Hospital at the Fair”. Positive staff at the Tradate Hospital Twenty positive cases out of 32 among patients in the General Medicine ward, 2 in Pediatrics, 11 positive cases among doctors, nurses and health workers, not counting […]

Covid, free serological tests in pharmacies for students and parents

30 There 2020 11:58 <!– –> Serological tests for the search for antibodies to SARS-CoV-2 can also be carried out in Umbrian pharmacies: a novelty resulting from an agreement signed by the Region and Federfarma Umbria. The new free screening campaign will start in the first week of November and will target the parents of […]

Scientists Reveal The Most Effective Types Of Homemade Face Mask Ingredients – Face mask Surgical facemasks are currently prioritized for medical personnel. Meanwhile, people can use other types of face masks to reduce the spread of the Corona virus (Covid-19). Face masks are scarce, prompting most people to make their own from easily available ingredients, and it is important to know which types of artificial […]