Alibaba: media, Jack Ma reappeared in Hong Kong – Last Hour

(ANSA) – BEIJING, OCTOBER 13 – The founder of Alibaba, Jack Ma, has reappeared in Hong Kong, almost a year after the sensational rejection of the IPO of the fintech group of Ant Financial, which was wrecked at the beginning of November 2020 on request of the Chinese authorities at 48 hours of the debut […]

“We were convinced that with the vaccine we would win by walking”

As a balance to the debacle that the defeat in the PASO produced in the ruling party Jorge Ferraresi left a confession on Tuesday: “We were convinced that with the vaccine we won the election by walking and people slapped us “. The Minister of Territorial Development and Habitat of Alberto Fernández thus defined the […]

almost half the dose is applied against Covid than a month ago

While the Government reports almost daily on the arrival of new lots of vaccines against Covid to the country, in parallel there is a reality that seems to go against the grain of that enthusiasm: according to the registry of the Public Vaccination Monitor, in the first week of October there was a strong low […]

Cansino’s vaccine is closer to receiving the OK from the WHO than Sputnik V

Doctors repeat that “the best vaccine it is the one that applies ”. The phrase (correct) encourages vaccination beyond one, in order to boost herd immunity. But the reality of Covid imposes other roughnesses: many vaccinated with Sputnik and with Cansino they are restless about the lack of international endorsement of those doses, which could […]

The infectologist Eduardo López thinks of a “universal vaccination” after six months

Eduardo Lopez, member of the committee of specialists that advises the President on Covid-19, Alberto Fernandez, he slipped that, sooner rather than later, the problem of “universal vaccination” against this virus should be addressed. The infectology specialist suggested that it is not unreasonable to start inoculation “from six months” of age. “There is a very […]

why the most sought-after vaccine in the US today is not approved in Argentina

The possibility of the United States preventing From November the income of people vaccinated with Sputnik V It accelerated the concern of a part of the Argentines who took out a plane ticket to fly to that country in the remaining period and access the simplest safe-conduct: a dose of Johnson & Johnson as an […]

The difficult situation of Luca Vildoza to continue in the New York Knicks of the NBA

The NBA has four Argentines in its orbit, although only two Their contracts are guaranteed for the 2021/22 season: Facundo Campazzo, of the Denver Nuggets, and Leandro Bolmaro, of the Minnesota Timberwolves. While the others, Gabriel Deck (from Oklahoma City Thunder) and Luca Vildoza (from New York Knicks) did not. This means that in the […]

Best platforms to get certified and take free online courses – Education – Life

Long before the pandemic, study online it was already one of the most important educational trends. And the fact is that the ease of training with the freedom and flexibility of technological platforms is undoubtedly very attractive, especially for those who work or have little time. According to international experts and academic personalities, this is […]