Niece of a former deputy celebrated her wedding with more than 200 attendees in Veracruz

Chantal Muguira Croda is the niece of the former deputy for the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) Paulina Muguira Marenco (Photo: Facebook)On the afternoon of this Saturday, January 23, it was announced that in the municipality of Cordoba, Veracruz, despite being in the orange color of the epidemiological traffic light, a wedding was held with more […]

prepared! Order PS5 through Sony Thailand

After experiencing problems on the 22nd, Sony Thailand has postponed the PS5 pre-orders to this coming Monday. Let’s see how to do it again. After experiencing problems with each other on Friday, with the Sony Thailand main store in ordering the player PS5 / PlayStation 5 In advance by Sony has been postponed to Monday […]

They locate a wrecked driver in Navia de Suarna thanks to WhatsApp

Sending coordinates through the WhatsApp messaging application made it possible to rescue, on Saturday night, a driver who had suffered an accident in the parish of Galegos, in the municipality of Navia de Suarna. The man needed assistance after falling off an embankment while on the LU-P-3501. The emergency teams were able to access the […]

The list of iPhones and iPads that you update to iOS 15 has leaked

The update policy of iPhones and iPads has undergone relatively large changes in recent years. It started in 2017, when Apple released an above-standard bug iOS 11, so a year later he decided to upgrade all devices with this system to iOS 12. Last year, this history was repeated; all devices with iOS 13 could […]

Samsung Shows New Boss in Indonesia – Starting 2021, Samsung officially appointed Yoonsoo Kim as President Samsung Electronics Indonesia. He is not a new figure because he has worked at Samsung for 20 years. Kim will lead Samsung Electronics’ growth and innovation in the Indonesian market. Previously, he served as President of Samsung Electronics Malaysia in 2018-2020. He also led […]

New Second Extinction trailer for Xbox and PC

Second Extinction, an intense online cooperative FPS for 3 players. In the game you must work as a team to fight deadly mutant dinosaurs. It will be up to you to recover Earth through a maelstrom of bullets, bombs, teeth, claws and blood. With the description in the previous paragraph, Second Extinction is presented, which […]

OnePlus 8 Pro vermorzelt Samsung Galaxy S21

If we put the Samsung Galaxy S21 next to the OnePlus 8 Pro, we have to conclude that the former has no chance. Recently compared we the brand new Samsung Galaxy S21 with the OnePlus 8 and iPhone 12. It turned out that Samsung had the best specs on paper. But secretly, that comparison was […]