“We hope to make the government back down”

For the first time in almost 12 years, all the French trade union organizations (CGT, CFDT, FO, UNSA, CFE-CGC, Solidaires, FSU, CFTC) will come together to protest against this reform which they consider “unfair” and “cruel”. Many businesses and public services will be idling. But then what do the unions and a majority of French […]

The Iranian man who beheaded his wife is sentenced to a light sentence

Mona Heidari, a 17yr old child bride was beheaded by her husband. While holding a knife, the man showcased the severed head on the streets of Ahvaz, SW #IranThe clerical regime’s failure to criminalize ‘honor killings’ has led to a catastrophic rise in such murders. pic.twitter.com/DsFmqOzMxU — IRAN HRM (@IranHrm) February 7, 2022 Heydari was […]

Dejdar about closing the family business: It’s already dead here

He spends his free time Martin Dejdar not only playing hockey, but also taking care of one smaller bar in Prague. Well, at least that’s how it was until recently. Unfortunately, Bar Kobka did not fulfill its purpose well. “We still have the space rented out, but it’s currently closed. I thought we’d meet there, […]

THE INTERVIEW. Andris Freidenfelds: we need to let go on all fronts

Freudenfelds, who can also be proud of having worked at Radio SWH for thirty years, tells the host Jānis Šipkēvics: “People also can’t really understand – whether I am a TV person, or a radio person, or a stage person. I myself can’t really define it that way, where am I? Probably, if you are […]

NATO warns of protracted war in Ukraine and will prepare for it

Joanne said NATO countries need to invest more in defense, increase military industrial production and use new technologies to prepare for future wars. On Wednesday and Thursday, the NATO Military Committee meeting in Brussels will discuss the possibilities of allies to increase military support to Ukraine in the coming months and discuss how to strengthen […]

District of Kleve: This is how the hospitals feel the lack of blood

Kleve district. New blood donors are urgently needed. What are the reasons for the lack of blood. Where most blood supplies are needed. Cmvu jtu fjo mfcfotsfuufoefs Tbgu- bvg efo Wfsmfu{uf pefs pqfsjfsuf Nfotdifo pgu esjohfoe bohfxjftfo tjoe/ Kfu{u tdimåhu efs ESL Cmvutqfoefejfotu Xftu =b isfgµ#iuuqt;00xxx/os{/ef0tubfeuf0lmfwf.voe.vnmboe0cmvutqfoefo.jn.lsfjt.lmfwf. bfvttfstu.bohftqboouf.tjuvbujpo.je3463::9:4/iunm# ubshfuμ#`cmbol# ujumfμ##?fsofvu Bmbsn=0b?; [v wjfmf Tqfoefs gbmmfo nfis […]

Behind the curtain of propaganda: Russia raves about its “Pyrrhic victory”

Along with the messages about the capture of Soledar, the propagandists’ broadcasts talked rather anxiously about the weapons supplied to Ukraine by the West, including the most modern tanks. It was emphasized that the West is full of permissiveness and has crossed all red lines. Consequently, of course, nuclear weapons were once again trumpeted and […]

ADONIS 15.0 Revolutionizes GPM Collaboration: BOC Group Presents the Future…

17.01.2023 – 09:54 BOC Products & Services AG Vienna, Berlin and Winterthur, Switzerland, June 12 /PRNewswire/ With a number of new, mature features for even better collaboration in the tool, the latest version creates an interactive experience for all users and makes the involvement of different interest groups easier than ever! BOC Group releases the […]