Duterte Suggests Filipino Citizens To Refuse Vaccines To Be Injected While Sleeping

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — President Filipina Rodrigo Duterte propose residents who are still reluctant vaccinated Covid-19 to be injected while they sleep. According to Duterte, residents who refuse to be vaccinated against Covid-19 are the main problem in handling the corona virus pandemic in the Philippines at this time. Currently, only 22.4 percent of the […]

Covid-19 Soars in Singapore, Nurses Get Tired – FAJAR

FAJAR.CO.ID, SINGAPORE — Health workers, especially nurses in Singapore, are starting to get tired because of the surge in Covid-19 cases. Hospitals have been asked to postpone operations and less urgent appointments to prioritize Covid-19 patients. More patients have to be treated, making health workers work overtime and be called to work on holidays. There […]

The United States will open its land borders to vaccinated travelers “in early November”

Initially, vaccines will be required for travel “Non-essential”, then from “early January” 2022 for all travelers. After having already announced the impending end of restrictions for travelers vaccinated against Covid-19 arriving by air, the United States will open “beginning of November” their land borders with Mexico and Canada, also to vaccinated visitors, a senior White […]

Moderna Refuses to Share COVID-19 Vaccine Formula, WHO: Humanitarian Failure

Jakarta – COVID-19 Vaccine Moderna is considered one of the best in the world because of its high efficacy. It’s just that the supply for this vaccine is limited so Moderna is encouraged to share its patents or formulas to increase production. Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Modern, Noubar Afeyan, said it would try […]