Over 5 on the Richter scale hit Thessaloniki, shook Blagoevgrad, felt in Sofia

Earthquake PHOTO: Pixabay A strong earthquake was felt a minute ago in Blagoevgrad, a reporter told the newspaper. The quake was also felt on the high floors in Sofia. An earthquake measuring 5.2 on the Richter scale was registered shortly before 2 pm in the northern part of the Aegean Sea south of the Mount […]

Leading immunologist from Oxford: Omicron is not the same disease as a year ago

Photo: Pixabay Omicron is not the same disease we saw a year ago, and the high death rates from COVID in the UK are now history. Leading immunologist Sir John Bell, chief professor of medicine at Oxford University and government adviser on life sciences, was quoted as saying by the Guardian. It is clear from […]

Video: this is how wife sends her husband to the dermatologist – health

The wife wanted to make sure that the doctor didn’t miss anything, so she picked up the pen. With this However, she did not calculate the doctor’s answer. “Two is better” thought Brinlee Miles from Utah (USA) when she noticed numerous skin changes on her husband’s upper body. She promptly organized an appointment with the […]

Brachytherapy development in IVO | The Provinces

SUPPLEMENT VALENCIA Saturday, December 18, 2021, 00:41 Does 25 years the IVO was one of the first centers in Spain to start treating patients with high-rate brachytherapy, a type of radiation therapy that allows high doses of radiation to be applied directly to the tumor or surgical site. The precision of this technique reduces the […]

Vaccine is more effective than natural immunity – scientists

Antibody levels double after vaccination Vaccinated people have a higher level of antibodies than those who have recovered, and those who have recovered and then vaccinated have an even higher level. Scientists from the University of Montreal have found that people who have undergone mild COVID-19, after vaccination, double the level of antibodies. The results […]