Hundreds of birds found dead on New York sidewalks

Cindy Fernandez Meteored Argentine 10 Oct 5 min Birds misunderstand the reflection of the sky in the windows of buildings and die by hitting the glass. This week, several people uploaded videos and images of sidewalks of New York with hundreds of bird carcasses on social media. Migrating birds have fallen injured or dead after […]

Evan Fournier is already making New York vibrate

The Knicks, worn by Randle and Fournier, rocked Madison Square Garden, beating Boston after double overtime, Wednesday at the opening of the NBA season. New York defeats Brown If the season is like this first, Knicks fans will experience strong emotions, as it took their favorite team two overtime, ten minutes more, and major performances […]

New York: Cab Drivers On Hunger Strike – Politics

Anyone who had one of the coveted taxi licenses in New York had taken care of things. Then came Uber, Lyft, and the pandemic. About the bursting of an American dream. from Christian Zaschke, New York New York taxi drivers have been demonstrating in front of City Hall in Manhattan for a month, which has […]

New York enacts mandatory vaccination for city employees

Including police officers and employees of the authorities and the fire brigade. Mayor Bill de Blasio announced this on Wednesday. Anyone who does not do this will be released without a salary until they can prove a vaccination. Around half of the city’s 300,000 or so employees, including teachers, have been required to be vaccinated […]

This is where they introduce a mandatory vaccine for the public sector

A mandatory vaccine against COVID-19 is being introduced in New York for public sector employees by the end of next week or will be sent on unpaid leave, Mayor Bill de Blasio said today. Until now, vaccination has been mandatory for teachers and doctors, but the list now also includes police officers, firefighters and cleaning […]

New York enacts mandatory vaccination for city employees

New York – The metropolis of New York is issuing mandatory vaccinations for its city employees in the corona pandemic. Mayor Bill de Blasio announced on Wednesday that around 160,000 affected employees, including police officers and employees of authorities and the fire brigade, would have to prove at least one first vaccination dose by November […]

“We believe in the resilience of this city”

New York It was an emotional moment for Christian Sewing. The head of Deutsche Bank rang the closing bell on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) on Tuesday. This marks the 20th anniversary of the bank’s listing in New York. The Frankfurt Institute was the first company to be listed on the […]