“US Carries Out Fourth Round of Strikes Against Houthis in Yemen Amid Rising Tensions”

  1. US carries out another round of strikes against Houthis in Yemen, US officials say  CNN
  2. US forces carry out 4th round of strikes in a week against Houthi targets in Yemen  Fox News
  3. Yemen strikes: Houthis hit US-owned ship after ‘terror’ designation  BBC.com
  4. Opinion | The Houthis sink an arrow into the West’s Achilles’ heel  The Washington Post

What is the reason for the Arab states’ deliberations on Syria’s reentry into the Arab League?

Representatives of the Arab states met on April 14 in Saudi Jeddah to discuss the possibility of restoring relations with Russia-backed Syria (Russian troops have been present in the country since 2015 to help the government fight jihadists) and return the country to the Arab League (LAS). The meeting was attended by high-ranking officials and … Read more

Inoculation with bivalent vaccines began

By: Municipality of Coronel Suarez The Secretary of Health confirmed that the application of the bivalent vaccines that protect against two variants of Covid-19 -the original, detected in Wuhan, China, and the mutation called Ómicron; and are added to the strategy as a booster dose. The vaccine that is added to the public, free and … Read more

And Chancellor Scholz with Petkov because of the Sofia-Skopje dispute

– – OLAF SCHOLZ PHOTO: Reuters – The German leader is touring the Balkans in a bid to quell regional conflicts In an attempt to quell years of raging regional conflicts, the German chancellor has launched a series of visits to Balkan countries. In just two days, Olaf Scholz will visit Kosovo, Serbia, Greece, northern … Read more

The Russians retreated in the area of ​​Severodonetsk – Gaidai

Photo: Sergey Gaidai / Facebook Consequences of shelling in Severodonetsk – – The enemy fired heavily at Severodonetsk three times. In some places, street fights have already begun, Sergey Gaidai noted. The troops of the aggressor country Russia suffered significant losses and were forced to retreat in the area of ​​Severodonetsk, as well as the … Read more

The “antique” styrofoam falls from the building of the Macedonian government

– – Skopje, Northern Macedonia PHOTO: Pixabay – The styrofoam on the facade of the building of the Macedonian government has started to fall, the MP from the ruling SDSM Stefan Bogoev warned, quoted by Club Z. Exactly eight years ago, the government of Nikola Gruevski (VMRO-DPMNE), who was sentenced to seven years in prison … Read more

Putin splits Ukraine in two with success in Donbass

– – 71-year-old Tamara is crying in front of her apartment? building destroyed in the southern port city of Mariupol. PHOTO: Reuters – They are offering between $ 600 and $ 3,000 in salaries to former Syrian soldiers to fight for Moscow Russia’s major offensive in eastern Ukraine has begun with the ultimate goal of … Read more

Miro: It was only a matter of time before the war happened

– – Miro SHOT: Nova – “I did not expect a war. However, there was irritation that began a long time ago. I do not justify Russia, it is an aggressor. However, it was only a matter of time before that happened, “Miro said on the air of NOVA. “As a Christian, I am not … Read more

The killed ex-criminal Lubo Ivanov removed from the Ministry of Interior, he is pointed out as close to Kuro and Ami

– – – The murdered former criminalist Lyubo Ivanov was the head of the criminal police in the capital’s 2nd Regional Police. He was removed by police more than 10 years ago after a series of scandals. Then he began to gravitate around dubious businessmen like Kuro and Ami, said an experienced forensic scientist. The … Read more

3 waves – the coronavirus, the expensive electricity and less money from the coffers, sink the municipal hospitals

The suspended scheduled admission and limits emptied their accounts Gotse Delchev treats patients with the money allocated for raising the salaries of doctors and nurses From Monday, the NHIF started paying for the activities performed The 120 municipal hospitals in the country – those closest to the people – are in their worst financial situation … Read more