EU countries ban colored tattoos

Photo: EU bans colored tattoos The list of prohibited pigments included Blue 15 and Green 7, which are part of most tattoo inks. In the European Union, a ban on the use of colored pigments for tattoos came into force on January 4 due to dangerous chemicals contained in tattoo inks. This is reported […]

Almaci gives nuclear power plants only a 1% chance: ‘The patient has died’

According to Groen chairman Meyrem Almaci, the agreement reached within the government on nuclear energy means that there is a ’99 percent’ chance that a decision will be made in March to close the nuclear power plants permanently. Extending the lifespan ‘is not a plan B, but a plan Z’. That is what Almaci says […]

New corona measures in Bavaria, Berlin and Baden-Württemberg

Dhe states of Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg, which are particularly affected by high incidences, want to introduce stricter corona rules. In Bavaria they have already been decided; in Baden-Württemberg the state parliament is still being discussed. Bayern In Bavarian retail trade 2G will soon apply, in many places only vaccinated and convalescent people will have access […]

Corona: Baden-Württemberg starts exit bans for unvaccinated people in hotspots

FAs of today, stricter rules apply to unvaccinated people in hotspots in Baden-Württemberg. Due to an exploded increase in corona infections, people who have not been vaccinated in the Schwarzwald-Baar district, the Ostalb district and the Biberach district are only allowed to leave their apartments between 9:00 p.m. and 5:00 a.m. for good reason. Exceptions […]

De Sutter wants to make federal purchases more sustainable: ‘Not only…

Only 2 percent of government contracts take sustainability into account, according to the available information. That is what the Minister of the Civil Service Petra De Sutter (Green) is putting forward a plan to make the federal purchasing strategy more sustainable. The federal public services spend more than 150 million euros each year on goods […]

Budget: How the Hamburg Senate is fighting for more money for the climate

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BW opposition fears school closings – SWR news

In the Baden-Württemberg state parliament there was strong criticism of the state government for the abolition of the mask requirement in the classroom. Minister Schopper defended the decision. In an emotional debate, the opposition in the Baden-Württemberg state parliament accused the state government of massive omissions in education policy. The support program “Tailwind” is running […]

Germany invests in climate protection and digitization

An analysis by the Agora Energiewende think tank with the New Economy Forum puts the necessary investments in climate protection alone at 460 billion euros by 2030, of which the federal government will have to make 90 billion euros. In addition, there are 120 billion euros for digitization and education. Many economists believe that these […]