VIDEO: Astronomers witness red supergiant star exploding in a supernova

Experts had never caught a star of this type exploding instead of just fading out. In 2020, astronomers caught the red supergiant star exploding into a supernova (Photo: WM Keck Observatory/Adam Makarenko/Handout) For years, scientists thought that the biggest stars do Universe, the red supergiants, died in a dwindling and silent way. But in 2020, […]

TikTok fixes on Twitter to allow you to re-share content, how? | Lifestyle

TikTok is, almost certainly, the social network that has grown the most in the last two years and if it has achieved something like this it is, without a doubt, due to the enormous capacity it has to viralize its content among the hundreds of millions of users around the world. So it is normal […]

Is Mars Really Red? This is the Fact

Jakarta – Planet Mars often depicted with various elements of the color red. Even the planet Mars is dubbed the red planet. But is the planet really red? Summarizing the Science Times page, Mars is not entirely red. The layer that covers Mars itself has a reddish color that is buried up to a few […]

BRIN: Red and White Vaccine Seeds Developed by Eijkman According to Industry Standards – The Eijkman Molecular Biology Research Center (PRBME) of the National Research and Innovation Agency (BRIN) said the Red and White vaccine seeds developed by Eijkman were in accordance with industry standards. “According to the industry, the ‘seed vaccine’ (vaccine seed) has met industry standards where the yield or yield is in accordance with […]

The Cabrerizos Cross League reaches Ecuador red hot

ÁLEX LÓPEZ ATHLETICS Manuel Vicente Tejedor and Verónica Sánchez Romero repeat victory and present their candidacy to win again the prestigious test organized by Veteran Athletes Salamanca The Cabrerizos Cross League, which this season reaches its XXIX edition, reached its equator this Sunday with the dispute of the third scoring round of the five races […]

Lush: Leave the networks: an option only when it is consistent | Fortune

The cosmetics brand Lush has abandoned several of its social networks. “In a better place” can now be read on his Instagram profile. It is the last to announce it, but not the only one. Bottega Veneta did the same in January 2021 and Balenciaga has re-established its publications on several occasions. A risky choice, […]

Components of Red Blood Cells and Their Functions for the Human Body

Components of red blood cells. Source: Blood composed of a combination of blood cells and blood plasma. As for blood cell components Red blood cells consist of red blood cells, white blood cells, platelets, and blood plasma. The four components of course have different functions. Components of Red Blood Cells and Their Functions for […]

Other names for red blood cells and the process of their formation

Illustration of other names of red blood cells and the process of their formation, photo source: Photo by Roger Brown of Pexels Cell Red blood in the human body has many functions. One of them is to deliver oxygen throughout the human body. So that in the human body there should not be a shortage […]