Moderna Refuses to Share COVID-19 Vaccine Formula, WHO: Humanitarian Failure

Jakarta – COVID-19 Vaccine Moderna is considered one of the best in the world because of its high efficacy. It’s just that the supply for this vaccine is limited so Moderna is encouraged to share its patents or formulas to increase production. Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Modern, Noubar Afeyan, said it would try […]

5 Safest Cities in the World After the COVID-19 Pandemic, Any from Indonesia?

Jakarta – The Economist Intelligence Unit recently released its 2021 safe city index. There are 60 city rankings based on 76 safety indicators across infrastructure, digital living, personal security, environmental factors and, of course, health with pandemic preparedness to COVID-19 deaths this year’s data. . Those at the top of the index are Copenhagen, Toronto, […]

CDC Says The End of the COVID-19 Pandemic Depends on Humans, How come?

Jakarta – Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Director Dr Rochelle Walensky cannot predict when a pandemic will occur COVID-19 will end. However, according to him this could depend on human behavior. How come? “We have a lot of science today, we have a vaccine,” said Dr Walensky, quoted from CNBC International, Saturday (9/10/2021). […]

Here’s How to Take Care of Baby-Toddler Nutrition during the Covid-19 Pandemic, Kupang – The plague plague corona virus which is still to be pandemic Covid-19 throughout the world, it must be addressed wisely. Facing the prolonged pandemic period, it is undeniable how destructive Covid-19 is in the order of human life. For adults, it is certainly easier to deal with the virus which is claimed […]

New Study Reveals How Deadly the Delta Variant Corona is

Jakarta – A recent study from Canada found a link between Corona varian Delta on the risk of severity to death. From a retrospective study conducted by the University of Toronto, it showed a significant difference in the risk caused by the Delta variant with the Corona Alpha, Beta, and Gamma variants. The study, published […]

RI COVID-19 Cases Add 1,167 As of October 9, 52 Deaths

Jakarta – Number of positive confirmed cases COVID-19 in Indonesia increased by 1,167 on Saturday (9/10/2021). The total positive cases so far have been recorded at 4,227,038, recovered 4,059,267, died 142,216. The number of specimens examined today is 267,050. The total number of suspects reached 292,253, while active cases were 25,159. Development details coronavirus case […]