Could the Corona Covid-19 Virus be Contagious Through Frozen Food? All pages

By Tuti Siregar MID last month China’s customs authorities rejected Indonesian fishery products because the outer packaging of the seafood products was contaminated corona virus. A month earlier, China’s Shenzhen City government reported positive case findings Covid-19 in frozen chicken wings imported from Brazil. The case was announced a day after the finding of a […]

Scientists discover a way to cause the Corona virus to cause diabetes

Diabetes is a common condition that affects millions of people around the world, and with the outbreak of the Corona virus that is sweeping the world, diabetes patients have been placed in a high-risk category for infection, complications and death due to COVID-19, And they were warned to be very careful to prevent infection, and […]

Experts warn … the Corona virus vaccine will not prevent disease and death

Scientists have warned that the Coronavirus vaccine will not prevent disease and death, explaining that the experiments conducted by the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies are not strong enough to ensure that lives are saved. According to a newspaper report “mirrorBritish scientists have warned that a vaccine forCovid-19 It will not prevent people from getting sick […]

US BPOM Approves the Use of Remdesivir to Treat Covid-19

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia – United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) on Thursday (22/10) approved the use of the drug remdesivir for patients hospitalized because of Covid-19. Medicines sold under the trademark Veklury are used under an emergency license (EUA) in the US. This is the first drug approved in Uncle Sam’s country to treat […]

Corona today: Brushing your teeth prevents infection … and a strange medicine

3:00 pm Tuesday 20 October 2020 Books – Sayed Metwally After the new Corona virus has become a threat to the whole world about 10 months ago, since its appearance, all of us are looking forward to knowing what happens every minute, in light of the tremendous development that Covid-19 has brought in our lives. […]

Why do Corona injuries differ with varying degrees of fever, fatigue and don’t

1:00 pm Thursday 22 October 2020 Books – Sayed Metwally Scientists have confirmed that people have a different susceptibility to infection with the Coronavirus “Covid-19”, and they have varying degrees of fever, fatigue and breathing problems, which are common symptoms of the disease, what might explain this difference? According to “Medicalxpress”, scientists at the University […]

Vaccines Are Not Tested to Reduce the Corona Death Rate

Jakarta – One of the leading public health experts said of the trial the COVID-19 vaccine it is not currently designed to help reduce mortality for susceptible patients. Peter Doshi, expert and assistant professor of pharmaceutical health services research at the University of Maryland School of Pharmacy, said of the vaccine trials COVID-19 currently being […]

Four scenarios for infection with Corona

09:58 AM Thursday 22 October 2020 Agencies Russian doctor and journalist Alexander Miasnikov revealed four types of coronavirus infection prognosis. During a television interview, Miasnikov put the manifestations of “Covid-19” infection in four scenarios, according to the “Russia Today” website. The first is a disease with an asymptomatic course. Second: Coronavirus infection is accompanied by […]

Corona AstraZeneca Vaccine Test Volunteer Dies, PKS Reminds Security Aspects

Jakarta – A pilot volunteer vaccine COVID-19 AstraZeneca died in Brazil. Reflecting on this, DPR RI Commission IX member Netty Prasetiyani Aher asked for the procurement process Corona vaccine in Indonesia must be made transparent. “All processes must be transparent. If it is said that phase 3 clinical trials have been carried out in several […]