Society – Freiburg im Breisgau – German Caritas Association gets new top – Society

Freiburg (dpa) – The largest welfare association in Germany is getting a new leadership today: At the delegates’ meeting of the German Caritas Association in Freiburg, the successor to President Peter Neher will be determined. The prelate leaves office after 18 years. The candidates are the Stuttgart city dean Christian Hermes, the chairman of the […]

Poland showed how migrants break through the border

Photo: Reuters (archived photo) Polish border guards showed how migrants break through the border Several dozen migrants are standing near the Polish border guards, shouting “Germany!” and “Freedom!” In Poland, the border service showed a video from the border where a large group of migrants tried to enter the country. About it informs PAP on […]

Nations League 2023, the draw pots: Italy in first

The 2020/21 edition has just ended, but the new Nations League appointment is approaching. Draw scheduled for December 16, a ceremony that will see Mancini’s Italy placed in the first bracket in League A. There is no shortage of dangers in the Montreux urn: which can be the best group? And the worst one? Here […]

That’s how much he pays with his wife Laura

The singer sold his property at a great profit, but is not returning to Germany. t-online knows where Michael Wendler and his wife Laura have ended up and how much they are paying for their new place to stay. Photo series with 14 pictures A Legal proceedings for thwarting a foreclosure, a million dollar claim […]

Doctors refuse to examine unvaccinated patients

In Germany, a number of doctors’ offices have started accepting only vaccinated patients or those who have had Covid-19, as well as those with a negative test, Deutsche Welle reported. At the front doors of some doctors’ offices, patients come across notes with warnings, and the explanation of the medics is that this way the […]