Investing in Loans Passive Income

Build a passive income. Then you are exactly right here. PASSIVE INVESTING: Start building up your wealth with € 5,000! Here you can find out everything you need to know to invest in p2p loans. You will learn what p2p loans are, as you can in p2p Investing in loans passive income. Loans Can Invest […]

Confcommercio, fears for rates and prices hold back families and businesses – Economy

Uncertainty is still holding back the recovery, with households and businesses fearing tax and price increases. This is what emerges from a Confcommercio survey, in collaboration with Metrica Ricerche, on the sentiment of households and businesses in the last months of 2021.From now to the end of the year, businesses are more optimistic (42.7%) than […]

Research Results, People Have High Fatty Acid Levels, Low Cardiovascular Risk

KlikBondowoso.Com – A new study suggests that consumption of fat milk high can help reduce the risk of disease cardiovascular or heart. This study at the same time dismissed the notion that the product milk full cream or full fat should be avoided. An international team of scientists study consumption fat milk in 4,150 people […]

What if farmers make as much money as politicians?

Farmers are systemically important. They produce something that everyone needs every day: namely food. For that, however, they get paid pretty badly. Seven days a week in the field and in the barn – not infrequently 10 hours or more a day – for the past 10 years an average of almost 32,000 euros a […]

Аlyona Аlyona told how much she spends a month

Photo: Аlyon Аlyon The performer spends about $ 1000-1500 per month. But recently, she said, this figure has increased. Ukrainian rap singer Alyona Alyona shared with fans how much money she spends per month. She told about this on Instagram. “In fact, any businessman knows that every business first requires colossal investments. And only […]

The Ministry of Finance is preparing to indirectly determine income

The Ministry of Finance will present a bill on indirect methods of determining income The bill on indirect methods of determining income will be presented this year, the minister said. The Ministry of Finance is developing a bill on indirect methods for determining income – the document can be submitted as early as 2021. About […]