Starting Next Month, Here’s the Covid-19 Vaccination Process in RI

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia– The Indonesian government is preparing to vaccinate the public which will be carried out in various health facilities throughout Indonesia. Based on the information from the Ministry of Health, there are several procedures for vaccination in health facilities. Vaccination is carried out on residents aged 18-59 years and who are in good […]

Track Record of Covid-19 Vaccine Discovery Efforts and Stages Throughout Page all – Scientists of the world are still trying to find vaccine to overcome corona virus a new kind of cause Covid-19. There are dozens of vaccine candidates who are still undergoing various stages of trials before it is confirmed that it is safe to be given to citizens of the world. Vaccine manufacture usually […]

Immunization Assessed the Cheapest Way Against Corona

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia – Immunization is considered the cheapest way and has relatively maximum results against disease. Doctor Purnamawati Sujud from the Parents Care Foundation, said immunization is an effort to maintain immunity. Besides that, he said, it is the cheapest way. “Prevention is much better and cheaper than cure,” said Purnamawati in a discussion […]

Coronavirus, the Chinese “BBIBP-CorV” vaccine was found to be safe

16 October 2020 01:16 According to the preliminary results of the experiment, an immune response was obtained in healthy volunteers. An antibody response arrived in all participants by the 42nd day Antibody Response in Volunteers – The trial of the “BBIBP-CorV” vaccine was conducted in China from April 29 to July 30, 2020. The study […]

Dr Reisa Reveals How to Break the Covid-19 Transmission Chain

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – The Covid-19 Handling Task Force emphasized that vaccination is one of the most effective ways to break the chain of transmission of the Covid-19 outbreak. This was stated by Spokesperson for the Covid-19 Handling Task Force Reisa Broto Asmoro in a virtual press conference at the Presidential Palace, Jakarta, Friday (16/10/2020). […]

the Chinese vaccine is safe and induces antibodies

According to the preliminary phase 1-2 results published in The Lancet Infectious Diseases, the trial is giving good answers. More than 600 healthy volunteers between 18 and 80 years of age involved. Precisely “the protection of the elderly is a key objective for an effective anti-Covid vaccine as this group is at greater risk There […]

Because People Need Continuous Vaccines from Childhood

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – Internal medicine specialist and vaccinologist Dirga Sakti Rambe said vaccination for adults it needs to be done, especially if in childhood they have never been vaccinated at all. Not only that, most vaccines require repetition because they are a continuation of vaccinations in childhood. “This means that when I was a child […]

Flu Vaccines Effective to Lower Risks for Covid-19 Patients

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia– Adults who have been vaccinated against influenza have a lower risk of death when contracting Covid-19. Even the symptoms received are also classified as milder than other people who have not been immunized against influenza. This was conveyed by Dr. Dirga Sakti Rambe, M.Sc, Sp.PD, Internal Medicine Specialist and Vaccologist, in the […]

Do not misunderstand information, know various terms about vaccines – Some people still don’t understand various health terms during the Covid-19 pandemic. Moreover, currently researchers are racing to find a vaccine to be given to all populations in the world. Actually, what is meant by a vaccine? Then what’s the difference with immunization? Government Spokesperson for Covid-19 Prof. Wiku Adisasmito, Thursday (15/10), explained […]