This is how the coronavirus vaccine will revolutionize the way to fight the flu

As the annual vaccination campaign begins, the gripe is in the news again because of the possibility that this year come back stronger. One of the ideas behind this theory is that vaccines have a somewhat lower effectiveness than in other seasons due to the fact that they are manufactured taking into account the strains […]

Japan intends to start vaccination with third dose in winter

Japan plans to start vaccination with third dose in December The authorities will finance the vaccination campaign and make sure that it goes smoothly, the prime minister said. Japan is planning to begin COVID vaccination with a third dose in December. About it informs Kyodo News on Tuesday 12 October. “We will be preparing to […]

“We were convinced that with the vaccine we would win by walking”

As a balance to the debacle that the defeat in the PASO produced in the ruling party Jorge Ferraresi left a confession on Tuesday: “We were convinced that with the vaccine we won the election by walking and people slapped us “. The Minister of Territorial Development and Habitat of Alberto Fernández thus defined the […]

Vaccination or test. New quarantine for transport

Photo: RFE / RL Quarantine is tightened in Ukraine From October 21, stricter quarantine rules will come into effect in Ukraine. They will concern inter-regional communication. The Ukrainian government has tightened quarantine rules for passenger transport: from October 21, all passengers and drivers of interregional flights must be vaccinated or tested negative for COVID-19. We […]

Ministry of Health in consultation with WHO to discuss the first malaria vaccine RTS, S – The Ministry of Health (Kemkes) held consultations with the World Health Organization (WHO) to discuss the world’s first malaria vaccine recommended by WHO, namely the RTS,S vaccine. “Currently we are conducting consultations with WHO and vaccine experts who are developing a malaria vaccine in Indonesia, as well as with BPOM (Food and Drug […]

Italy arrested leaders of far-right party after anti-Axis protests

Ultra-right party leaders arrested in Italy The leaders of the far-right New Force party have supported anti-vaccine and quarantine rhetoric since the start of the pandemic. In Italy, police arrested 12 people, including leaders of the far-right Forza Nuova (New Force) party, following protests in Rome over an attempt by authorities to make a COVID […]

Russian spies steal vaccine formula from AstraZeneca and Oxford University

Spies for the Russian government have stolen the formula of the COVID-19 vaccine, developed jointly by the British-Swedish pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca and Oxford Universityso that it could develop its own vaccine, “Sputnik V”. This was stated by the British newspaper “Sun”. The summary refers to unnamed British officials and claims that the Russian agent received […]

54.7% of the Cuban population has the complete anticovid vaccination scheme, says MINSAP

A total of 6,117,779 Cubans received the complete three-dose schedule of Covid-19 vaccination, according to authorities of the Ministry of Public Health (MINSAP), quoted by the official Prensa Latina. The figure constitutes 54.7% of the Cubans to whom this scheme was appliedDr. Francisco Durán, MINSAP National Director of Epidemiology, said at a press conference. The […]

Third dose of the covid vaccine: chronicle of an announced puncture

Last Tuesday the Public Health Commission agreed to inoculate the third dose of Pfizer to the 6.8 million residents in Spain who are over 70 years old and who had already been punctured with the full schedule, as long as they have elapsed after at least six months since your last covid injection. That agreement […]